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The Backroom boys.

I was looking forward to starting my work experience. I was calm and ready to get on with my learning. The staff at Matalan were really good and taught me things that will help with my future. I helped in the stockroom where I was able to lift lots of heavy items. I had learned how to do this without injuring myself on the Health and Safety video. At Matalan I learned that there will be jobs you like doing and jobs you don't but you have to just get on with it because it is important to work hard for the team. It was good to see the staffroom, the stockroom and the deliveries coming in as you don't see this side of the shop when you are just a cust omer.

TEAMWORK: Bending over backwards to help Going to the BBC studios with the Matalan staff was a great experience because it was really interesting seeing inside the studios and I enjoyed learning about all of the different jobs.

By Robert Davies
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 8, 2011
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