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The BOX: Soap BOX.

Coronation Street

YET more fighting in Corrie! Not a week goes by without a punch being thrown, but this fight features a familiar face -Leanne Battersby is back! After four years away, Les is stunned to bump into his now-blonde daughter waitressing at a seedy bar. He takes her back to the Street, where she launches into a catfight with Maria, her ex-husband's new fiancee.

Elsewhere there are tearful scenes as baby Billy is buried. And it's a bad week for Danny -first Tracy returns, unaware that Blanche has let her house out, and refuses to leave. Then his wife Frankie (Debra Stephenson) arrives, much to Sunita's surprise.

Shelley wants to cheer her friend up after this shock and chooses a night out with Sunita over Charlie, who reacts by bedding Bev again. Oh dear.


THERE'S drama at The Loft when Darren realises Scott has rumbled his credit card scam. His boss is determined to make himpay, but Scott is the one in mortal danger when he is trapped in the burning club.

The truth about Toby finally emerges this week when Ellie and Lee make a gruesome discovery in her late mother-in-law's garage. Richard and Liz upset the children with a surprise announcement and Craig sets out to discover why Darlene is upset.


HERE'S a good bit of casting, as Sherrie Hewson looks as if she could well be Simon's mum. Soap veteran Sherrie, star of Corrie and Crossroads, turns up as Simon finally asks Nicola to marry him. She instantly accepts but it's a very short engagement as minutes later, hurt by her refusal to take him to the reunion, he calls it off. For once Nicola realises she's in the wrong and wins him back with a heartfelt apology. However, his mother Lesley won't be easy to impress.

Also, Sadie frames Charity for a theft and Debbie gets too close to Ethan.


SCRAP: Leanne and Maria; FAMILY: Simon and Lesley
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jun 6, 2004
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