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The BOX: Soap BOX.

Coronation Street

CILLA is awful but she's a great character to watch, so it's disappointing to see her leave this week -but she'll be back. She's forced out when Fiz and Chesney spill the beans to Les about her affair with Ronnie. The good news for Chesney is that Les offers to let him stay.

Ashley asks Claire to move in with him, while Fred is taken with the beautiful Thai bride of a fellow golfer. Now don't go giving the serial proposer any ideas -leave that to Nick, who gives Maria a 21st birthday to remember. Candice is let down again by two-timing Tim while Karl makes Todd feel uncomfortable by bragging about his secret lover.


WHEN Emma decides to leave baby Arthur with Ben for a few days, Izzy surprises everyone with her mothering skills. But has she really recovered from the news that she can't have children? Emma

doesn't think so when Izzy and the baby go missing.

Dan finally decides to fight his sentence, Max is reluctant to hand Tom over to Mandy, Kristian is attracted to twins and Lisa refuses to stay under the same roof as Ellie.


DON'T do it, Andy! The Sugden lad is beside himself when Katie walks out him on Tuesday and then Robert confesses they've been having an affair. He's so angry that he points a shotgun at the lovers, then threatens to take his own life.

Zoe tells an upset Scott that their kiss meant nothing, so he seeks comfort from Chloe. And when Charity bans the Dingles from the Kings' party, they vow to take revenge.

Home and Away

KANE isn't one to listen to threats. Seb hits his rival in the Diner and demands that he leave, but instead he turns up at Summer Bay High to declare his love for Kirsty -who kisses him, despite earlier deciding to stick with Seb.

Jade rejects Nick's pleas for forgiveness after he sleeps with Kit, but he may not have to worry about his romantic entanglements when Hollywood comes calling with an acting offer. The shocking truth emerges about the mystery beach girl and Max fears for Eloise's health.


MICHELLE is convinced that she and Connor are going to get back together, blissfully unaware that both Jack and Carmella are busy issuing him with threats about what will happen if he rekindles their romance.

Gus is charming all the girls, getting Summer out of detention and impressing Izzy, much to Karl's annoyance, but a confrontation with his love

rival ends in humiliation. Lou struggles to meet his repayments and shares his woes with a sympathetic Susan, but mistakenly believes she is offering him more than a shoulder to cry on. Max knocks Scott off his skateboard and Stuart proves his worth at the police training centre.


THE big news is the dramatic departure of superbitch Janine after she's accused of killing Laura, but Thursday brings lighter and soppier moments when Martin proposes to Sonia on her 19th birthday.

Elsewhere in the Square, Spencer is devastated to discover that Dennis, on the rebound from Sharon, is finding comfort in the arms of Zoe. Well, you can't blame the girl, can you? Also, Vicki and Sharon are shocked to discover Den has a wife and Andy demands more money from hapless Alfie.


WAY OUT: Cilla leaves; RISKY: Kirsty and Kane LOVE: Martin Fowler
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:May 2, 2004
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