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The BOX: Soap BOX.

Coronation Street WHAT'S this -law-abiding Rita being dragged off by the police? What crime could she have possibly committed? It's all the fault of nasty Cilla, who sees a way to scam the shopkeeper when Chesney is injured in the Kabin.

Rita gives him a clip around the ear when she catches the boy shoplifting, and then he trips over when leaving. But Cilla tells the police that his injury is down to Rita's brutality. She's just after money, but the police take the allegation seriously. They should be looking elsewhere, because Maya is a real criminal -Dev sees a different side to her when she steals an expensive vase.

Hunky builder Charlie goes on a date with barmaid Bev, who likes her men young. There's plenty of life in her yet, asshe doesn't waste time in jumping into bed with him. And Sarah and Todd announce their engagement, much to Eileen and Todd's fury.

EastEnders IT'S all go this week, when Angie's Den goes up in smoke and an old face gets literally thrown back into the Square.

The Mitchells v Watts feud hots up when Minty smashes up Kate's nail bar, then Billy torches the club. Unfortunately -or fortunately, depending on your thoughts on the character -Vicki Fowler is trapped inside.

Gangster Andy Hunter has plenty of female fans, who will be pleased to see his return on Friday. He is thrown out of a passing car, having been beaten up, and former fiancee Kat comes to his aid.

Charlie Slater is arrested for beating up rapist Graham, while Zoe and Kelly clear the air about their kiss.

Emmerdale BERNICE returns to the village on Friday, but her visit is subdued because she's back for Tricia's funeral. Marlon has set his heart on a send-off his wife would have wanted, compete with an Abba soundtrack, but stuffy curate Ethan has other ideas. Then he rows with Steph and Alan about the arrangements.

Zoe starts being uncharacteristically nice to everyone, but it's only so they'll sing her tune when it comes to Charity's trial. Then she resorts to blackmail and bribery when Terry begins to doubt the Dingle's guilt so, having told the police he wanted to talk to them, he is forced to backtrack. No wonder Charity fears the worst and tells Debbie she should be prepared for her going to prison.

Hollyoaks DESPERATE to convince Ellie of his innocence, Dan breaks his bail conditions to visit his sister -but is caught.

Ruth Osbourne seduces her old flame Tony and Becca spies them together, so it won't be long before Mandy finds out. Ben and Izzy return and Izzy soon falls out with new character Dannii, who enrols at the college and soon gets a reputation for having money and connections.

Home and Away JESSE finds Angie's body at her house and soon the police draw up a list of suspects for her murder. After everything the crackpot's done, that includes half of Summer Bay. Nick is an obvious choice, as he went round saying how he'd like to see her dead. He, Irene, Jesse and Rhys are questioned. But Home and Away should take lessons from British soaps about how to milk storylines. They won't be dragging this one out for months, as the killer confesses next week!

Neighbours KARL'S drinking is getting out of control, and this week Taj catches him the worse for wear. Worried about what Susan will say, Karl persuades him to lie. Max wants to propose to Steph, but she finds out about his plan and tries to stop him. Toadie rejects Sindi, while Stuart is furious at Susan's interference and Lou is torn over Trixie.


CAUGHT: Rita is arrested; SHOCK: Andy and Kat
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jan 11, 2004
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