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The BOX: Goodbye Seattle; Frasier Channel 4, 10.50pm, Wednesday.

Byline: ROZ LAWS

A FTER 10 years, it's time to say a final 'Goodnight Seattle' -and goodbye Frasier. The sitcom is the latest American comedy to bow out, after Sex And The City and Friends.

It began in 1994 as a spin-off from Cheers. Kelsey Grammer was Dr Frasier Crane, the intellectual regular at the Boston bar, who then moved back to his home town of Seattle. He settled into a job as the resident psychiatrist at the radio station KACL -catchphrase 'I'm listening' -and moved his invalid father Martin (John Mahoney) into his luxurious apartment at the Elliott Bay Towers.

The show swiftly became a success, thanks not just to the pompous but endearing central character.

We loved David Hyde Pierce as his neurotic brother Niles, who for years harboured a deep unrequited love for his father's live-in physical therapist Daphne Moon (Jane Leeves).

He finally summonedup the nerve to tell her how he felt when she was about to marry someone else, and now they're married and about to become parents.

Then there's Frasier's producer Roz (Peri Gilpin) -not forgetting Eddie, a highly intelligent dog played by a terrier called Moose, later replaced by his son Enzo.

Frasier draws to a close with a double bill on Wednesday, after the 9pm documentary Frasier: Analysing the Laughter, which features interviews with the cast and crew.

Peri Gilpin, who plays Roz, says: 'My favourite Frasier moment is from an episode we did called Ham Radio, about us doinga radio play which just got sillier and sillier. All the characters from the radio station were involved.

'Bulldog brought a girlfriend with him to be in it and she was dyslexic. So, at the climax of the radio play she screams out, 'Look out! He's got a nug!'. It just makes me laugh every time I think about it.'

There's plenty going on the final episodes, as Martin gets married and Daphne gives birth.

But will Frasier find lasting love with his new girlfriend Laura Linney, who is supposed to be moving to Chicago?

Here are some of the best Frasier quotes from a decade of witty dialogue.

lRozcomplains that bridesmaids' dresses are always terrible: 'When was the last time you found yourself staring at the bridesmaid instead the bride?'

Frasier: 'Actually, that would have been at my wedding to Lilith.'

Daphne: 'Donny had to fly out to his grandmother in Florida. She'd do anything to come between us.'

Martin: 'What'd she do this time?' Daphne: 'She died.'

Frasier of his hypochondriac brother: 'He tried wearing an allergy tag, but his neck was too weak to support it!'

Frasier, after Niles won a prize: 'You are now the proud owner of a rugged, ram-tough, all-terrain pick-up truck.'

Niles: 'It occurred to mewe could use it to go antiqueing.'

Frasier: 'Sorry to drop by unannounced -I know how annoying it is to drop by without calling first.'

Niles: 'Don't worry, I used to do it all the time.'

Frasier: 'That's how I know.'

Bulldog chatting up a waitress: 'Any more like you at home?'

Colette: 'No.' Bulldog: 'Good, we'll have some privacy!'

Niles, when Frasier makes fun of his efforts to grow a moustache: 'I grant you it's at an early stage.'

Frasier: 'What stage -research and development?'

Daphne, talking to Frasier about Niles: 'Unlike you he believes in my visions. He knows I have a gift.'

Frasier: 'Yes, he's been trying to unwrap it for six years.'

Daphne on running away with Niles on her wedding day: 'What's left for us in Seattle? Ex-wives and ex-fiancees. A tangled mess of bitterness and hurt feeling.'

Niles: 'Yes, but an excellent symphony and world-class dining.'

Frasier, when Niles expresses surprise that he is comfortable in Martin's old chair: 'When you sit in it, you don't have to look at it!'

Frasier: 'How can men use sex to get what we want? Sex is what we want!'


LOVE AND LIFE: girlfriend Laura Linney gives Frasier a farewell kiss, and Niles and Daphne welcome their new arrival; FINAL FAREWELL: it's the end of the road for Daphne, Niles, Frasier, Martin, Roz and Eddie the dog
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