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The Arts and Content Literacy in Italian Schools: Alternate Methodology for Inclusion Classrooms.

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A descriptive study investigated the use of an arts-based core curriculum as an alternate teaching model in all content areas with populations diverse in ability, disability and culture. Quantitative demographics and 52.6 hours of audio, video, still photo, and running record data were completed in 44 classrooms (n=545 students) from preschool through middle grades in an Italian school system. The data were transcribed, translated, and analyzed by task type, type of art, and social organization. Qualitative teacher questionnaires were completed, transcribed, translated, and analyzed for themes. Results support arts-based tasks as an alternate teaching method. (Contains 43 references and 3 tables of data.) (Author/RS)

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Author:Hooper, Mary-Louise
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Aug 1, 2002
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