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The Artist's Eye.

THE ARTIST'S EYE. Harriet Shorr. New York: Watson-Guptill, 1990. Illustrated, 144 pp., hardbound, $29.95.

An approach to self-criticism, this book presents an author's insights and opinions about her own work. New York artist and teacher (she is professor of painting at the State University of New York at Purchase) Harriet Short discusses her philosophy of art and the painting act, and provides comments about the ninety-six artworks shown in full color. Chapters--Perception and Conception, Style and Subject, and Meaning and Metaphor--contain her wonderings and musings, and even some poetry, intertwined with comments on color, paint quality, composition and art history. The informality of these personal notes from her journals amplify the visual messages of her large, sharply-keyed still lifes of ordinary household objects. An interesting and readable visual autobiography of an educator and artist.
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Author:Baker, David
Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 1990
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