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The Artexpress School/Museum Resource Book.

THE ARTEXPRESS SCHOOL/ MUSEUM RESOURCE BOOK. Bay Hallowell. The Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA, 1988.

One of the many excellent publications produced in recent years by the Carnegie Museum of Art, this 96-page book contains information about art activities developed by the museum education staff. Each of the ten lessons includes objectives, workshop activities, resources, vocabulary, related classroom activities, evaluation of key concepts and a bibliography. While directed towards specific artworks in the museum, most of the ideas and information could be used in studying similar works in other museums, good reproductions or visits to local galleries. Other publications by the Carnegie Museum that are well worth obtaining and using are: Art Ventures, A Guide for Families to Ten Works of Art in the Carnegie Museum of Art and Art Ventures, A Guide for Families to Impressionism and Post Impressionism. Both of these publications have numerous full-color reproductions of important artworks, and well-written descriptive materials. Both publications are $5.95 per copy.
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Publication:School Arts
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Date:Mar 1, 1991
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