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The Art of Making Gelato.

The Art of Making Gelato

Morgan Morano

Race Point Publishing

c/o Quarto Publishing Group USA

400 First Avenue North, Suite 400, Minneapolis, MN 55401-1722

9781937994440, $25.00,

Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. In English this word commonly refers to varieties of ice cream made in a traditional Italian style. Gelato can be made with milk, cream, various sugars, and flavoring such as fresh fruit and nut purees. It is generally lower in calories, fat and sugar than ice cream. Gelato is a type of soft ice cream containing a relatively small amount of air. By statute, gelato in Italy must have at least 3.5% butterfat, with no upper limit established. The sugar content in homemade gelato, as in traditional ice cream, is balanced with the water content to act as an anti-freeze to prevent it from freezing solid. Types of sugar used include sucrose, dextrose, and inverted sugar to control apparent sweetness. Typically, gelato (like any other ice cream) needs a stabilizing base. Egg yolks are used in yellow custard-based gelato flavors, including zabaione and creme caramel, and non-fat milk solids are also added to gelato to stabilize the base. Starches and gums, especially corn starch, are sometimes also used to thicken and stabilize the mix. Sorbetto is a frozen dessert made from sweetened water with flavoring (typically fruit juice or fruit puree, wine, and/or liqueur). "The Art of Making Gelato" by professional chef and gelato expert Morgan Morano is a 192 page compendium showcasing 50 recipes for gelato and sorbetto that are specifically appropriate for creating in a home kitchen. Thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' throughout, "The Art of Making Gelato" provides information on home gelator machines, tools, and ingredients; presents a step-by-step guide to making gelator and sorbetto; organizes gelato recipes into four categories (The Basics; The Classics; Nuts; Non-Traditional Flavors); and a five page roster of Sorbeto recipes. Beautifully illustrated throughout, "The Art of Making Gelato" is very highly recommended for personal, family, and community library Ethnic Cookbook collections. It should be noted that "The Art of Making Gelato" is also available in a Kindle edition ($17.10).

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Date:Jun 1, 2015
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