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The Art of Being Yourself.

Have you ever been told, 'just be yourself'? It's easier said than done. Being yourself is the toughest, most rewarding thing you will ever do. It's hard work - being yourself is a fight.

But is it impossible to be yourself? No, it's not. The challenge is that people, generally, don't understand what it entails. It sounds cute, but difficult in practice. So, what does it really mean to be yourself? These four principles will help with some clarity.

Find Your Purpose: This is the heart of being yourself. You were designed for a reason. What is it? What is the effect of your presence? What problem does your presence solve? What is the importance of your self-expression? Your essence is designed to give something to people. Find it, give it and enjoy fulfillment being yourself.

Understand the Status Quo: You may not like it, but the status quo is the context of your self-expression. It raises you before you're able to make your own choices. So, it's a factor. The mistake people make is to think they can successfully be themselves without understanding the workings of the status quo. Hence, they are easily hit by it and their self-expression is shut down. The status quo matters. It can stop you. Study, understand and know how to beat it as you strive for pure self-expression. The status quo will fight you at every turn, so you must be a skilled fighter - and ignorance will not help your course.

Engage the Power of Observation: The status quo is an older system. In most cases, a well-oiled machine that benefits many people. Hence, the importance of observation. To successfully be yourself, open your eyes to your environment. Observe how things work. Know how results are obtained. Understand how much of yourself to reveal per time as you plan more elaborate expressions. See and understand what is happening around you. That way, your true self would understand what its up against.

Learn to Navigate, Adapt and Thrive: Here, you come up with strategies based on your study of the status quo. Your knowledge will help you navigate your terrain. Often, unskilled people attack the status quo head-on, with little or no sophistication. This seldom works. Navigation is key - and as you get better at it, you're able to adapt without losing your true self. Yes, being yourself is a fight. But you can thrive if you know how to navigate and adapt as you advance in your self-expression.

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Publication:The Star (Nairobi, Kenya)
Date:Jan 27, 2018
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