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The Army in action.

A Soldier of Company C, 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry, mans the turret of a vehicle on patrol in the area of Baghdad known as al Sadr City.

--Photo by Staff Sgt, D. Myles Cullen, USAF

* Africa

SGT David Mulvihill of Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa strains to get across a 50-foot guide-wire in an obstacle course during French commando training in Djibouti. It was the first time American troops have gone through the three-week commando course, which was taught by French Foreign Legion instructors.

--Photo by SGT Bradly Shaver

* Iraq

SGT Amanda Snyder and SPC Leslie Montemayor of the Oklahoma Army Army National Guard help assemble troop housing units at Camp Ar Ramadi. National Guard Soldiers were joined in the construction project by members of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 14 from Jacksonville, Fla.

--Photo by SrA Jorge A. Rodriguez, USAF

* Afghanistan

Afghan children look On as Soldiers from the Virginia Army Natioal Guard's Co. B, 3rd Bn., 116th Infantry Regiment, conduct a patrol outside of Bagram Airfield.

--Photo by SGT Christopher Kaufmann

* Africa

A Humvee carrying Soldiers of the 3rd U.S. Inf., The Old Guard, moves through pools of water remaining after four days after flooding in Djibouti. The soldiers were on one of several missions aimed at assisting flood-recovery efforts.

--Photo by SPC Eric M. McKeeby

* Abu Ghraib, located just outside Baghdad, is a sprawling facility that once housed opponents of Saddam Hussein.
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