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Articles from The Architectural Review (March 1, 2004)

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Alien encounter: clad in a pulsating skin, Graz's new Kunsthaus is a spunky modern interloper that adds both to the life of the city and to its historic fabric. Jones, Peter Blundell Cover Story 2640
Ambi-Rad. 88
Avanti Systems. 95
Barlo Plastics. 90
Blobblurb; Blobitecture: waveform architecture and digital design. Brittain-Catlin, Timothy Book Review 308
BlueSky. 80
Bumpy ride? McKay, Graham Letter to the Editor 250
City shifts: cities are continually in flux, but recent changes in the prosperity of many industrial nineteenth-century ones offer exciting possibilities for generous architecture and urbanism. 1376
Cogent landscapes: new landscape design. Lyall, Sutherland Book Review 655
Designer appeal. Partington, Matthew Letter to the Editor 141
Diary. Brief Article 255
From townscape to skyscape: in an edited extract from a lecture due to be given to mark the 75th anniversary of the University of Sao Paulo later this month, Robert Tavernor from the University of Bath analyzes the future of London's distinctive skyline. 3572
Gehry's great concerto: the Disney Concert Hall has radically transformed a block of downtown Los Angeles making it a place to visit rather than drive through. Ryan, Raymund 1441
Glaverbel. 91
It's a wrap: this unorthodox house in a Melbourne suburb is a bold response to the area's Mediterranean climate. Lyall, Sutherland 521
Light fantastic: the flank of the Graz Kunsthaus has become a giant illuminated screen using simple, readily available technology. Kunsthaus, Graz 396
Lighting: Rob Gregory throws light on some of this year's exhibitors. 1134
Lindapter international. 84
Loo and behold: inventive use of new technology makes these Brazilian unisex lavatories luminous and ethereal. Sturges, Mary Brief Article 254
LS Group. 94
Making a place for art: beyond the material and formal lessons that have inspired generations of architects, and recognition of his influence on loft living and the regeneration of redundant buildings, Tate Modern's retrospective of Donald Judd reveals his masterful command of the forgotten spaces in between. Gregory, Rob 790
Model prisons revisited. Henley, Simon Letter to the Editor 609
Office evolution: the twenty first century office. Duffy, Francis Book Review 702
Official taste: Creating Excellent Buildings-a guide for clients. Smith, Colin Stansfield Book Review 876
Out of the jungle. 377
Potter & Soar. 117
Skin craft: by peeling back the layers, Allies and Morrison reveal how to use restraint when faced with the opportunity to design their own office building. Gregory, Rob 952
Snowed under: in deepest Lapland, architecture and the elements interact with some intriguing (and unpredictable) effects. Webb, Michael 696
Stepping stones: an attempt to make urban architecture on a very difficult and disjointed site. Brensing, Christian 742
Sutherland Lyall tunnels for treasure in the multi-dimensional cyber-strata. Lyall, Sutherland 830
Tbilisi is an undiscovered treasure. Even in decay, and after much destruction, the Georgian capital is still rich in architectural moments. Kalashnikova, Irina 355
The city as theatre: this theatre complex has a rich, eclectic spirit that reflects the vitality of the city. Slessor, Catherine 598
Touching heaven: this proposed new residential tower in Vancouver forms part of a strategy to reconfigure the city skyline. Slessor, Catherine 494
Transparent tapestries; The history of stained glass: the art of light medieval to contemporary. Wigginton, Michael Book Review 616
Wonderful Copenhagen is under immense pressure to expand and, to protect the fabric of the old city centre, the formerly almost deserted island of Amager is becoming a new and vital part of the city. Steiner, Henriette 1060

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