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The Appraisal Journal.

It is my honor to follow Dan Swango's large footsteps as editor-in-chief of The Appraisal Journal. By way of background, I am a fee appraiser and value consultant with offices in Denver, Colorado. In seeking to fulfill the mission of the Journal, the highest editorial standards have been and will continue to be our guideposts. All of us on the Editorial Board are striving to make the Journal as relevant, informative, and interesting to our readers as possible. One of my personal goals is to encourage more practicing real estate appraisers and value consultants to prepare and submit articles on practical, "real world" appraisal problems and solutions. We look to our colleagues in academia to undertake the theoretical research and analysis that can guide us through unique and challenging assignments. The Journal is also seeking articles that apply techniques and methodologies to day-to-day situations. I look forward to the coming year. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions and ideas (303-757-5525; ema il:

Bonnie D. Roerig, MAI
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Publication:Appraisal Journal
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Apr 1, 2002
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