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The Application of Music in the Teaching of College Students' Mental Health Education.

Byline: Yang Li


Objective: As a unique art subject, music teaching is an effective way to carry out mental health education. It has played an important role in guiding students'bad mood, communicating and coordinating interpersonal relationship, casting perfect personality and promoting their mental health.

Methods: Using social distress and avoidance scale as a screening and evaluation tool, the present study investigated 500 college students, from whom 100 were selected with social anxiety tendency as study subjects. They were randomly divided into an experimental group and Control Group. SCL-90 and communication anxiety scale was used for assessment and the data was analyzed using SPSS. The experimental group received music therapy counseling, and the Control Group did not have any intervention. At the end of the study, the results were compared vertically and horizontally, combined with other evaluation and self-evaluation measures.

Results: College students of different ages and both genders with different levels of social anxiety were influenced by music therapy which effectively reduced social anxiety, regulated the mood, reduced loneliness, and had a good influence on memory retention.

Conclusion: Music therapy is an ideal "natural therapy", which makes use of the non-language aesthetic experience of music to achieve the goal of psychological adjustment and has a great impact on the mental health education of college students.

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Author:Yang Li
Publication:Journal of Pakistan Medical Association
Date:Jul 31, 2020
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