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The Antiterrorism Handbook.

The Antiterrorism Handbook

Author: Karl A. Seger, PhD Publisher: Presidio Press, 31 Pamaron Way, Novato, CA 94949; 1990, 230 pages, hardback: $22.50 Reviewer: Peter Pitorri, President of Pitorri Associates in Fairfax, VA The Antiterrorism Handbook stands out among a plethora of similar books because it has a plot. Simple and to the point, the fictional plot supports and clarifies the theme in this easy-to-read handbook. The theme is, "Here's what could happen if you fail to...." The book contains a brief background on contemporary terrorism and approaches to counter it.

The target audience consists primarily of those with law enforcement or military training. In addition, the book offers people outside these communities an opportunity to understand the nature of the threat and the value of a well-planned response. The author clearly shows how diverse disciplines can coalesce to form an efficient terrorist counteraction force.

Seger points out that, despite the frequency and duration of terrorist activities, governments in general and the United States in particular have been ineffective in dealing with such incidents. The problem will worsen, he says, so our education and training must improve.

Seger educates the reader by moving smoothly through antiterrorist threat analysis, operations security (OPSEC), personnel security, physical security, and incident response. He deftly offers training tips by applying the education to the plot, a terrorist scenario.

Particularly valuable are the lists of key points at the end of each chapter and the excellent discussion of terrorist target acquisition. Also, the chapter on threat analysis contains lists of indications and warnings, along with vulnerability concepts.

Experienced professionals will find a lot of familiar material in this book. I think its greatest value may be as a source with which professionals can teach those who need to know but don't know enough to ask.
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Author:Pitorri, Peter
Publication:Security Management
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Date:Aug 1, 1991
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