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The Amphibians and Reptiles of El Salvador.

The Amphibians And Reptiles Of El Salvador

Gunther Kohler, et al.

Krieger Publishing Company

PO Box 9542, Melbourne, FL 32902-9542

1575242524 $49.50 1-800-724-0025

Collaboratively written especially for herpetologists and other professionals in the field by the team of Gunther Kohler, Milan Vesely and Eli Greenbaum, The Amphibians And Reptiles Of El Salvador covers 130 species representing 88 genera and 30 families. Each species is listed with a partial synonymy, its total geographic distribution, ecological distribution in El Salvador, a short description of its morphology, natural history and taxonomic comments, its conservation status, and a list of Salvadoran specimens examined and their locality data. Distribution maps and color photographs of each species add a keen visual touch, combined with dichotomous keys for identification in both English and Spanish, to make The Amphibians And Reptiles Of El Salvador an excellent resource especially for identifying herpetofauna specimens.
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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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