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The Americans with Disabilities Act: From Policy to Practice.

The Americans with Disabilities Act: From Policy to Practice, edited by Jane West is a series of papers on various aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is an edited commentary on the Act, providing a large arnount of information regarding the language of the Act and its implications for persons with disabilities, and for persons who will be in contact with persons with disabilities.

The editor begins with an introduction she calls "Implementing the Act: Where We Begin." The book is organized into the following headings:

I. Getting Organized II. Employment: The Heart of Independence III. An Inclusive Infrastructure IV. Reinforcements for the Mandates

She concludes with a summary she calls "Opportunities of Implementation" and appendices including A.D.A, implementation dates and resource organizations.

In each of these sections various authors provide helpful information that can be utilized by professionals in rehabilitation, business, law, government, education as well as persons with disabilities. Various topics related to the law and its implementation are discussed at length so the reader can add to the information and mandates contained in the law itself. It would seem logical for the professionals mentioned above to keep this book as a handy resource to augment the contents of the A,D.A, and to aid in a more intelligent implementation.

Perhaps the limitation imposed on this book is that as of yet there is no track record for the A,D.A. and its implementation. The editor and her writers have done a good job in identifying issues raised by the Act. The material they present should prove to be helpful in interpreting the Act and applying it to day-to-day service delivery to persons with disability. It will remain to be seen how the actual practice of implementing the Act will correspond to the commentary provided in this book.

This book should be a very useful resource to professionals in rehabilitation and to other professionals who may be affected by the law, including consumers. It presents a framework of information that should be helpful in interpreting and implementing the law. Students in undergraduate and graduate rehabilitation programs can benefit from its reading as part of their studies in legislation important to rehabilitation services.
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Author:Byrd, E. Keith
Publication:The Journal of Rehabilitation
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 1992
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