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Articles from The American Prospect (June 1, 2010)

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Are morality taxes a good fix for budget woes? Discussion 447
Banking on presidential leadership: Obama's engagement salvaged health reform. Can his personal intervention achieve what's needed on financial reform? Kuttner, Robert 1066
Becoming Obama. Brinkley, Alan Book review 1744
Better than tea. Starr, Paul 777
Beyond limits. Lind, Michael Book review 764
Both sides now. Letter to the editor 136
Bush vs. Obama. Letter to the editor 156
Camp Gitmo: a journalist's first field trip to the infamous prison. Serwer, Adam 1089
Cleansing the temple: can financial reforms straighten out one of America's most byzantine institutions, the Federal Reserve? Fernholz, Tim 1687
Coalition of the unwilling diverse individuals and businesses are hurt by the financial system. Can they coalesce? McGhee, Heather 1206
Consumer protection as systemic safety: if we safeguard consumers, we also save the entire financial system from its own excesses. Warren, Elizabeth 1515
Courting diversity. Friedman, Ann 720
From the executive editor. Schmitt, Mark Editorial 276
Gov. Bob Mcdonnell's other defenses: of misunderstood, if lesser-known, Virginian commemorations. Frank, T.A. 346
Guilt by association: the most influential anti-immigration network in America tries to convert liberals to its cause. Weisberg, Jessica 3318
Making bank: are simple savings plans the first step to combating poverty? Fernholz, Tim 3372
No more phony accounting: cooked books helped produce the collapse--and the fakery continues. Partnoy, Frank 1479
Out of the black hole: reining in the reckless market in over-the-counter derivatives. Greenberger, Michael 1952
Pyrrhic victory. Letter to the editor 157
Reform and its obstacles: there is no mystery about how to simplify the financial system. The main obstacles are political. Johnson, Robert 1645
Renaissance Fair: after an 11-year hiatus, Lilith Fair is back. But do we still need an all-woman music festival? Hilton, Shani O. 1630
Safe words: how the prevention message disappeared from the public conversation about sex. Connelly, Phoebe 3301
Sand in the gears: the case for a tax on financial speculation. Weissman, Robert 1352
Shadow banking: reforms pending in Congress would not touch the abuses of hedge funds and private equity. Prins, Nomi 1416
Simplifying securitization with a better system, the economy can have plenty of credit without the outlandish risks and excess banker profits. D'Arista, Jane 1660
The next phase. Schmitt, Mark 757
The private-equity time bomb. Kuttner, Robert Book review 1392
The ultimate sunblock. Roberts, David Book review 1621
Too big for us to fail: we need counterweights not just to Wall Street's toxic products but to its malign influence. Johnson, Simon; Kwak, James 1509
Watching the watchers: the corruption of credit-rating agencies was at the heart of the financial collapse. So far, Congress has not had the nerve to pursue fundamental reform. Lardner, James 1600
Who's afraid of Tariq Ramadan? March, Andrew F. Book review 1469
Work history: why America needs--but probably won't get--a 2010 version of the Depression-era public jobs programs. Meyerson, Harold 3457

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