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Articles from The American Prospect (September 1, 2005)

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A culture of caring with an inspired leader at the helm, Missouri shows the rest of the nation an effective--and cost-effective--reform model for young offenders. McGarvey, Ayelish 2438
Adolescents, maturity, and the law: why science and development matter in juvenile justice. Fagan, Jeffrey 2265
Always political. Rosenfeld, Sam Book Review 1036
As Orwell said. Bodden, William Letter to the Editor 137
Bayou betterment: in Louisiana, a new juvenile justice system is emerging, with the governor's strong support. If reform can happen here, it can succeed anywhere. Reckdahl, Katy 3281
Chronic pain and opioids. 795
Communities helping kids: why diversion, outreach, and counseling programs serve troubled children--and society--better than prisons. Marcus, David L. 3252
Cruel convergence: the era of get-tough juvenile justice is also the era of managed care, and children with mental-health needs are caught in the crossfire. Rosenfeld, Sam 1484
Day 1,461 and counting. Tomasky, Michael 803
Detention redemption: in one California county, progressive leaders and law-enforcement officials are transforming a troubled juvenile-justice system. Townsend, Peggy 1487
Dossier: back to school. 427
First do some harm: physicians and psychologists are now taking part in interrogations. But are they following their professions' rules, or the military's? McKelvey, Tara 1243
From the August 3 broadcast of the Focus on the Family radio show James Dobson. Brief Article 181
How times have changed. McIntyre, Robert S. 737
Inferior design: in late September, a contemporary Scopes trial gets under way in Pennsylvania. For the right, it's been 39 years in the making. Mooney, Chris 3382
Iraq, quantified. McKelvey, Tara 405
Karl's bad. Turner, M. Vince Letter to the Editor 280
Letting go of Iraq. Starr, Paul 794
Metro food fight. Kline, Jordan 472
Our federalists. Dubner, Jeffrey 411
Point, Jacoby. Threlkeld, Albert Letter to the Editor 428
Pop-aganda: a question for Karen Hughes: why is the administration peddling the kind of schlock to the Arab world that it's always denouncing at home? Franke-Ruta, Garance 1166
Race and redemption: reform is coming to juvenile justice. But except in pioneering communities, it still comes too slowly for black and Latino youths. Cose, Ellis 1483
Reforming juvenile justice: a century ago, reformers proved that prisons don't help wayward children. Now America is learning that lesson all over again. Krisberg, Barry 2717
Sasha v. Sasha. Polakow-Suransky, Sasha Letter to the Editor 420
Student body right: at evangelical colleges like Pat Robertson's Regent, what they're taught and what they learn are two very different things. Hayes, Christopher 4387
The collapse. Ackerman, Spencer Book Review 1608
The conservative as liberal. Kutler, Stanley I. Book Review 1397
The good fight: the new Partnership for a Secure America represents the good kind of bipartisanship. But is bipartisanship enough to dislodge the neocons? Yglesias, Matthew 1109
Their war, too: are mere pundits responsible when an administration's policy goes wrong? When their sophistic arguments helped sell and sustain it, very. Meyerson, Harold Cover Story 3339
They want your TV. Yglesias, Matthew 453
Voice-over America: you've read about what Kenneth Tomlinson is doing to public TV. What he's already done to the Voice of America is his other scandal. Levine, Art 1508
Who gives a flying flag? The smearing of Joe Wilson, the excuses for Karl Rove: for the pundits of the right, national security is just a bumper sticker. Gitlin, Todd 1601
Wrong, wrong, and ... wrong! Kline, Jordan; Zureick, Alyson 527

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