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Articles from The American Prospect (October 1, 2004)

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2000, the sequel: in theory, the Help America Vote Act was Congress' attempt to prevent the catastrophes of the last election from happening again. In fact, it may have made things even worse. Kurlantzick, Joshua 3283
525, 526, 527 ... Dubner, Jeffrey 410
A lawless state: how to restore America's global standing as a beacon of freedom--both internationally and with its own citizenry. Shattuck, John 1511
All too familiar. Koster, Patricia M. Letter to the Editor 231
Americana re-examined. Ullmann, John E. Letter to the Editor 163
Buckeye blues: Ohio has 19 percent of the nation's lost jobs since Bush took office. So why is Kerry in trouble there? Because the state has lost something else, too. Meyerson, Harold 1375
Can't swallow it anymore. Elliott, Carl Book Review 1863
Characterology. Keenan, Dylan Letter to the Editor 228
Domestic abuse: how the U.S. government is violating Native Americans' human rights. Mckelvey, Tara 1579
Economic security: a human right reclaiming Franklin Delano Roosevelt's second bill of rights. Sunstein, Cass R. 2538
Ernesto goes to the movies: The Motorcycle Diaries, brought to the screen by Robert Redford, shows us the young, pre-revolutionary Guevara. Call it soft socialist realism. Hoberman, J. Movie Review 1628
Follow the money. Lohman, Jack E. Letter to the Editor 267
From the front lines: a review of recent reports on human rights. Lamarche, Gara 1500
George W. and human rights. Kuttner, Robert 706
Gitmo justice. Rosenfeld, Sam 486
Good medicine: Medicare does need changes. But its expansion is the key to eventual universal coverage. Hacker, Jacob S.; Schlesinger, Mark 2486
Health care's big choice: as family premiums push $10,000, Bush and Kerry promote radically different proposals. Starr, Paul 2594
Holding America accountable: why the United States should take human-rights obligations seriously. Massimino, Elisa 1641
Idiot boxed: one big reason Bush won Florida? Television (prematurely) said he did. By 2001, red-faced network news honchos promised big changes for 2004. Now we're here. And guess what? Garver, Rob 3021
Inalienable rights: can human-rights law help to end U.S. mistreatment of noncitizens? Parker, Alison 2468
International holdout: around the world, empowering women is considered essential. So why isn't America on board? Chesler, Ellen 1384
Into the bright sunshine: the value of human rights in the United States. Thomas, Dorothy Q. 1019
Iraq the vote: this month, to prepare for next January's elections, monitors begin heading off to Iraq. Or at least to the parts of Iraq that are safe enough for elections. Yglesias, Matthew 1335
Just wondering. Wellman, C.D. Letter to the Editor 149
Long division: America is not split over the Vietnam War. But Karl Rove needs you to believe that it is. Tomasky, Michael 3218
Minimal monitors. Goldberg, Mark 381
Now for some bad news. McIntyre, Robert S. 746
On America's double standard: the good and bad faces of exceptionalism. Koh, Harold Hongju 3265
Rights in an insecure world: why national security and civil liberty are complements. Pearlstein, Deborah 3214
Shame in our own house: how segregation and racism have fed U.S. resistance to international human-rights treaties. McDougall, Gay 2291
The A-team: after six weeks of battering, John Kerry learned the importance of a tough and experienced communications operation. But did he learn it in time? Franke-Ruta, Garance 1372
The partial rule of law: America's opposition to the ICC is self-defeating and hypocritical. Slaughter, Anne-Marie 810
The road to Abu Ghraib: how the United States played a large role in creating international human rights--and then abandoning them. Lewis, Anthony 1227
Top gun. Secor, Laura Book Review 2254
Vexations of the heartland. Brownstein, Ronald Book Review 2047
What we expect from America. Robinson, Mary 674
Where are the rational greedy bastards? Reich, Robert 720
While you were sleeping. Yglesias, Matthew Brief Article 306
Who killed Camp David? Polakow-Suransky, Sasha Book Review 1366
Will unions exist? Meyerson, Harold 396

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