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Articles from The American Prospect (January 1, 2004)

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A bad senior moment: the GOP won this Medicare fight. Now, Dems must keep seniors (and themselves) united. Skocpol, Theda 3222
A pretty business. Greif, Mark Book Review 1490
A tradition tested. Robertson, Andrew W. Letter to the Editor 286
Abort mission: Ronald Reagan's miniseries may have bombed, but his global gag rule, vastly expanded by the Bush administration, is still spreading misery. Wildman, Sarah 1256
And they're off! Dean may be on a roll, but he's still 2,159 delegates away from being the nominee. Here, our comprehensive, all-knowing, semi-speculative skinny on who's strong where. Franke-Ruta, Garance; Pauken, Heidi 2942
At least they're reading us. Letter to the Editor 539
Banking on decent jobs: bankers have choices in how they use new technology to transform work. So far, ordinary workers are both winners and losers. Why not more winners? Serrin, William 2426
Culture war, round 3077: this latest battle has it all: a federal international-studies bill and two sides--government and academe--worlds apart in their interpretation. Gitlin, Todd 1680
Do good and dump W. Meyerson, Harold 416
For a smarter public, Deliberation Day. Ackerman, Bruce; Fishkin, James S. 674
Friends of spam. Yglesias, Matthew 390
High-wage America: how we can reclaim a middle-class society. Kuttner, Robert Editorial 2454
Higher skills, fewer jobs: with advanced technology and skilled workers, America can keep a strong manufacturing sector, but rising productivity equals a smarter--and smaller--work force. Goozner, Merrill 3269
How a bill becomes a law (revised). Pauken, Heidi 358
Is it time to believe? Bill Clinton rebuilt the Democratic Party in crucial ways. But Howard Dean is rebuilding it in a way Clinton missed. Party insiders would do well to make their peace with it. Tomasky, Michael 1506
Jobs, not GDP. Schreiber, William F. Letter to the Editor 167
Las Vegas as a workers' paradise: the hotel workers' union boosted wages and transformed dead-end jobs into middle-class careers in the very belly of the casino economy. Here's how it happened. Meyerson, Harold 3238
No common sense in the Commonwealth. McIntyre, Robert S. 749
Off the Wall Street Journal. Brief Article 281
Pathways to good jobs: can career ladders solve the low-wage problem? Fitzgerald, Joan 2399
Phoenix rising: tucked away in the recent Iraqi appropriation was $3 billion for a new paramilitary unit. Close students of Vietnam may see similarities. Dreyfuss, Robert 1711
Press one for better service: squeezed by corporate managers, call centers have been exasperating consumers and workers alike. New research shows that better jobs produce happier customers. Yglesias, Matthew 2387
Revolution now (and then)! The Battle of Algiers defined a political moment when it was released in 1965. Now it's back, and, if anything, it's even more relevant today. Hoberman, J. 1682
Spare the dime! Franke-Ruta, Garance 507
Super hype: not all delegates are created equal, but party insiders can't block Dean. Unless ... Yglesias, Matthew 737
The Catholic paradox. Sullivan, Amy Book Review 1223
The Democrats' micro economics. Reich, Robert 718
The low-wage puzzle: why is America generating so many bad jobs--and how can we create more good jobs? Jencks, Christopher 2449
The new politics of Medicare. Starr, Paul 726
The O'Connor project: can we end racial discrimination without affirmative action? Here's what it will take. Schorr, Lisbeth B. 1692
The terror trap: hard-line campaigns against Islamic terrorism--here or in Israel--don't merely fail as strategy. They fulfill the terrorists' stated goals. Gorenberg, Gershom 1593
Wal-Mart nation. Meyerson, Harold 772
When the high road isn't enough: North Carolina's hosiery industry has it all: technology, training and employer-worker partnerships. But because of lax--and often unenforced--trade laws, it still may lose out to cheap foreign labor. McGarvey, Ayelish 3097
Works on progress. Galbraith, James K. Book Review 932

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