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Articles from The American Poetry Review (July 1, 2018)

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Title Author Type Words
American Value Inn. Melnick, Lynn Poem 320
An Hour. Olds, Sharon Poem 274
Anal Aria. Olds, Sharon Poem 343
Anodyne/Plea. Queen, Khadijah Poem 243
Apace. Queen, Khadijah Poem 174
BERNARD / 1. Umansky, Leah Poem 287
Books Reviewed. 166
Care Package. Boening, Justin Poem 471
Central Park. Barnett, Catherine Poem 308
Excalibur. Diaz, Joanne Poem 503
Forgetting. Vo, Alexandrine Poem 178
GRANDEUR OF THE UNIMPORTANT. Biespiel, David Book review 4443
Haemorrhoissa. Chatti, Leila Poem 289
I Feel Sorry for You Someone Said to Me Over and Over Again: A Story in the Form of a Dialogue, A Dialogue in the Shape of a Poem. Wier, Dara Poem 1256
I Hadn't Known Who I Am for I Don't Know How Long. Wier, Dara Poem 166
In the Studio at End of Day. Barnett, Catherine Poem 443
IOWA BIRD OF MOUTH: Keeping a 12-month crowdsourced poetry project in the air. Knox, Jennifer L. Essay 7645
Junk Trees. Smith, Maggie (American poet) Poem 240
Let the Night. Olds, Sharon Poem 395
Luxury. Diaz, Joanne Poem 771
Melodious Tolling Goes on in That Awful Pandemonium. Wier, Dara Poem 189
Monkey. Boening, Justin Poem 445
MONOLOGUE FOR IA. Queen, Khadijah Play 211
MONOLOGUE FOR IM. Queen, Khadijah Play 153
MONOLOGUE FOR IX. Queen, Khadijah Play 281
Notations to the Knower. Vang, Mai Der Poem 173
OH NO. Boruch, Marianne Critical essay 2394
Ohio Cento. Smith, Maggie (American poet) Poem 210
Paper Crowns. Diaz, Joanne Poem 446
Paradise When Almost Everyone Lived in Paradise. Boening, Justin Poem 367
Planned Obsolescence. Smith, Maggie (American poet) Poem 200
Prairie Erasure. Queen, Khadijah Poem 167
READING EKSTASIS: Tracking contradictions, sustaining incongruences. Thompson, Gale Marie Critical essay 6766
Reading. Hoeber, Ditta Baron Poem 240
Reclusionary. Queen, Khadijah Poem 189
Refugee, Walking Is the Most Human of All. Vang, Mai Der Poem 260
Regeneration. Hahn, Kimiko Poem 204
Retreat. Queen, Khadijah Poem 194
She Sells Seashells. Hahn, Kimiko Poem 891
Surrogate. Vo, Alexandrine Poem 221
The Box. Boening, Justin Poem 301
The Enchantment. Olds, Sharon Poem 288
THE END. Bazzett, Michael Poem 281
The Humanities. Barnett, Catherine Poem 341
The New Knowing. Olds, Sharon Poem 302
The Only Jew at the Mock Jewish Wedding. Melnick, Lynn Poem 366
THE SEA A BATTERED DREAM. Sherlock, Frank Poem 631
The Shaman Asks About Yellow Rain. Vang, Mai Der Poem 344
The Village Dogs. Smith, Maggie (American poet) Poem 230
The World Says Not to Expect the World. Queen, Khadijah Poem 184
Three Deaths. Hoeber, Ditta Baron Poem 124
Too Jewish/shtetl kitsch. Melnick, Lynn Poem 635
Tumor. Chatti, Leila Poem 217
Violets, Doves, Girls, Bees and Hyacinths. Wier, Dara Poem 341
What You Call a Thing. Boening, Justin Poem 224
When My Fear That I Won't. Olds, Sharon Poem 220

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