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Articles from The American Poetry Review (January 1, 2014)

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Title Author Type Words
"Like". Burt, Stephen Critical essay 7339
A Responding Noise. Pritts, Nate Poem 293
Afterword. Kistler, William 531
Amulet. Faizullah, Tarfia Poem 486
An Interview with Ellen Bass. Bass, Ellen Interview 6597
As If. Whalley, Karen Poem 261
Being in Plays. Skoog, Edward Poem 271
Blowhole. Lippman, Matthew Poem 802
Book of Names. Waters, Michael Poem 205
Burden. Pittman, Caroline Poem 116
Confabulation. Faizullah, Tarfia Poem 214
Despite Their Best Efforts. Ben-Oni, Rosebud Poem 299
Emperors of Ice Cream: Sense, Non-sense and Silliness in American Poetry. Ladin, Joy Critical essay 5249
Everyone's Life Needs Rain. Lippman, Matthew Poem 420
Faeryland. Pinsky, Robert Poem 1197
False Shame. Derieva, Regina Poem 604
I Changed My Clothes with a Beggar Once. Gaspar, Frank X. Poem 289
If You Died. Schneiderman, Jason Poem 140
In Any Case. Derieva, Regina Poem 569
In Green Pastures. Whalley, Karen Poem 287
John Berryman. McCorkle, James Poem 380
June/July--Eleven Black Notebooks at the Desert Queen Motel. Gaspar, Frank X. Poem 398
Late Rapturous. Gaspar, Frank X. Poem 602
Lord Cockroach. Waters, Michael Poem 242
Love Machine. Lippman, Matthew Poem 499
Marvel. Waters, Michael Poem 165
Mihaela Barefoot. Waters, Michael Poem 132
My Maiden Aunt Is Smoking Again. Schneiderman, Jason Poem 168
New poetry in translation: on translation and temperament. Rosenthal, Mira 3490
Not Everything Is a Metaphor. Pittman, Caroline Poem 103
Outlet I. Derieva, Regina Poem 562
Pinwheel. O'Keefe, Timothy Poem 377
Poem, Slow to Come, on the Death of Logan: 1923-1987. Waters, Michael Poem 580
Punk Prayer. Waters, Michael Poem 173
Second-Hand. Derieva, Regina Poem 620
Sentimentality. Lippman, Matthew Poem 435
Study Eight. Kistler, William Poem 316
Study Eighteen. Kistler, William Poem 265
Study Fifty-Nine. Kistler, William Poem 253
Study Fifty-Six. Kistler, William Poem 198
Study Forty-Four. Kistler, William Poem 279
Study Nine. Kistler, William Poem 285
Study Sixty-Four. Kistler, William Poem 315
Study Sixty-Three. Kistler, William Poem 252
Study Sixty-Two. Kistler, William Poem 385
Study Thirty-Nine. Kistler, William Poem 304
Sweaty and Rich. Lippman, Matthew Poem 360
The Dining Room Table at My Place in Washington. Skoog, Edward Poem 456
The New Gods. Waters, Michael Poem 179
The Sadness of Antonio. Schneiderman, Jason Poem 1180
The Subtle Bodies. McCorkle, James Poem 236
Things by Their Name ... Maia, Circe Poem 229
Three Blakes. Boruch, Marianne Critical essay 9165
Three Minutes with Mingus. Archila, William Poem 484
Treason. Maia, Circe Poem 222
Turtles. Skoog, Edward Poem 683
West Texas Nocturne. Faizullah, Tarfia Poem 225
When. Skoog, Edward Poem 126
White Boy. Schneiderman, Jason Poem 285

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