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Articles from The American Poetry Review (September 1, 2012)

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Title Author Type Words
A Note from the American Culture Wars. Fenza, D.W. Poem 555
Ambition. Soto, Gary Poem 341
Ambition. Nebel, Jay S. Poem 313
America (April). Graber, Kathleen Poem 494
America (Peaches). Graber, Kathleen Poem 377
And in That Moment I Was Happy. Bitting, Michelle Poem 158
As Always, Thirty Years Between Us. Van Prooyen, Laura Poem 299
At the Combine: Threshing. McCullough, Laura Poem 577
But the Rain Is Full of Ghosts Tonight. Lonsinger, Dawn Poem 316
Climate Change. Topper, Rick Poem 152
Dear Metaphysical: The Poetry of Brenda Hillman. Hoagland, Tony Critical essay 3089
Dispensable (Everywhere There Are Men Whispering). McCullough, Laura Poem 352
Dominoes. Waters, Michael Poem 209
Dr. Freud, Please. Soto, Gary Poem 376
Easter Island. Topper, Rick Poem 227
Group Photo of Dissection. Lonsinger, Dawn Poem 264
Haight-Ashbury, 2009. Little, Margaree Poem 388
Hopper: Gas. DeWitt, Jack Poem 218
Hopper: Hotel by a Railroad. DeWitt, Jack Poem 159
Hopper: New York Movie. DeWitt, Jack Poem 333
Hopper: Office at Night. DeWitt, Jack Poem 170
Introit. Topper, Rick Poem 340
Island World. Ulku, Alpay Poem 217
Juggling a Galaxy of Fruit. Soto, Gary Poem 307
Letter. Stone, Bianca Poem 231
Lyric. Fried, Daisy Poem 456
Modeling. Williams, Crystal Poem 235
Morning, Highway 126. Bitting, Michelle Poem 182
New Travelogue. Warsh, Lewis Poem 487
Nocturne. Warsh, Lewis Poem 320
Occupy My Street. Fenza, D.W. Poem 676
Ocean World. Ulku, Alpay Poem 410
October in Our Town. Junkins, Donald Sonnet 233
Old School. Waters, Michael Poem 207
On Henry's Jail Time: Protesting the Iraq War. Junkins, Donald Sonnet 237
One with Others by C. D. Wright: a critical review. Brandfon, Fred Critical essay 3638
Passage. Graber, Kathleen Poem 521
Poem. Stone, Bianca Poem 336
Poetry in dialogue: ethics, thrift stores, the Jersey shore, and America: a conversation with Kathleen Graber. McCullough, Laura Interview 6813
Prayer for the Newly Damned. Vuong, Ocean Poem 390
Question I. Kistler, William Poem 235
Reading unto Sleep. Junkins, Donald Sonnet 212
Rose Hips over the Deck. Junkins, Donald Sonnet 230
Sightings. Williams, Crystal Poem 301
Sixties Sonnet. Waters, Michael Sonnet 221
Soft Palimpsest. Lonsinger, Dawn Poem 351
Study Fifteen. Kistler, William Sonnet 170
Study Four. Kistler, William Poem 254
Study Fourteen. Kistler, William Poem 178
Study Nineteen. Kistler, William Poem 130
Study Six. Kistler, William Poem 184
Study Thirty-Eight. Kistler, William Poem 227
Study Thirty-Five. Kistler, William Poem 178
Study Thirty-Nine. Kistler, William Poem 241
Study Thirty-One. Kistler, William Poem 150
Study Thirty-Seven. Kistler, William Poem 276
Study Thirty-Six. Kistler, William Poem 217
Study Thirty-Three. Kistler, William Poem 198
Study Twenty-Eight. Kistler, William Poem 241
Study Twenty-Five. Kistler, William Poem 155
Study Twenty-Nine. Kistler, William Poem 217
The Blurred, Visionary Promise of Hybridized Poetics. Greenberg, Arielle Critical essay 3579
The Conga Line. Warsh, Lewis Poem 864
The Zeitgeist Bird. Graber, Kathleen Poem 557
There Were Only Dandelions. McCullough, Laura Poem 882
This Need Not Be a Comment on Death. Fried, Daisy Poem 691
Tic Tac Toe. Waters, Michael Poem 202
Winter Craft. Van Prooyen, Laura Poem 135
With Allen in Arkansas: An Ozark Diary. Wood, John (American writer) Essay 5269
You May Think I Am Suggesting Women Are "The Gentler Sex". McCullough, Laura Poem 314
Zoo Sonnet: Vivarium--The Museum First Moves. Lonsinger, Dawn Sonnet 204

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