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Articles from The American Poetry Review (July 1, 2011)

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Title Author Type Words
1 ah g. Hicok, Bob Poem 272
1984 Pumpkin Pie. Simonds, Sandra Poem 428
A Chorus. Gildroy, Doreen Poem 311
A meeting of minds. Hicok, Bob Poem 272
A poem i worry in a life i worry doesn't work. Hicok, Bob Poem 423
An Interview with Christopher Hennessy. Interview 9168
Another Monday. Levi, Primo Poem 331
Ars Poetica Ballad. Dimkovska, Lidija Poem 1109
Birch. Voigt, Ellen Bryant Poem 269
Bob Hicok with Laura McCullough: poetry in conversation. Interview 3361
Book of Grudges. Thayer, Casey Poem 351
Cherries. Broek, Michael Poem 256
Clear Instrument. Gildroy, Doreen Poem 182
Climbing the Tree of Knowledge with a Cheetah on His Ass: A Quasi-Psycholinguistic Reading of Bob Hicok's Words for Empty and Words for Full. McCullough, Laura Critical essay 4356
Could I Have Opened My Eyes Without You. Gildroy, Doreen Poem 197
Cut. Hicok, Bob Poem 285
Dear Sir or Madam. Ashbery, John Poem 148
Difference. Dimkovska, Lidija Poem 446
Down and Out in Darfur. Ehrhart, W.D. Poem 185
Fidelity: Etta Duryea. Matejka, Adrian Poem 152
Foreign dispatch. Hicok, Bob Poem 427
Garter Snake. Voigt, Ellen Bryant Poem 192
If I Kiss Your Forehead. Gildroy, Doreen Poem 225
In the Book of Love, for the Not Living. Gildroy, Doreen Poem 163
In the Chamber of the Voices. Gildroy, Doreen Poem 710
In the Heat, the Body. Gildroy, Doreen Poem 171
In the Light (the Haze) of the Field. Gildroy, Doreen Poem 180
In the Open Field. Gildroy, Doreen Poem 194
John Ashbery, Folk Poet. Ossip, Kathleen Critical essay 1952
Lament. Voigt, Ellen Bryant Poem 173
Listening to Orfeo in February. Rosenfeld, Natania Poem 128
Magdalene--The Seven Devils. Howe, Marie Poem 675
Milkmaid. Voigt, Ellen Bryant Poem 258
Moles. Voigt, Ellen Bryant Poem 188
Monday. Levi, Primo Poem 283
Noble Dog. Voigt, Ellen Bryant Poem 332
Nothing Beautiful. Broek, Michael Poem 231
Oak. Voigt, Ellen Bryant Poem 332
Prix Fixe. Broek, Michael Poem 286
Rational Anthem. Thayer, Casey Poem 512
Self-Portrait in Airport City. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 117
Self-Portrait in Emeralds, with Music. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 118
Self-Portrait in Fox Furs, with Magic. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 185
Self-Portrait with Coyotes. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 174
Self-Portrait with the Three Magi. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 177
Soul Radio: Three American Spiritualist Poets. Hoagland, Tony Critical essay 5673
Spring. Voigt, Ellen Bryant Poem 158
Stalking the Pleasures. Mead, Jane Poem 127
Stones. Voigt, Ellen Bryant Poem 504
Stop-loss. Hicok, Bob Poem 262
Temple Hymn. Gildroy, Doreen Poem 149
The End of the World. Simonds, Sandra Poem 287
The Field. Gildroy, Doreen Poem 258
The Glacier. Levi, Primo Poem 267
The Soul in Its Witness Protection Program: Ed Barrett's Boston Trilogy. Rivard, David Critical essay 5291
There is a crematorium in Bassett, Virginia. Hicok, Bob Poem 748
Uncreated Light. Gildroy, Doreen Poem 215
Verdi's Il Trovatore: Jack Johnson. Matejka, Adrian Poem 250
What it was like to be a child around here. Hicok, Bob Poem 408
What Makes a Man. Ehrhart, W.D. Poem 323

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