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Articles from The American Poetry Review (January 1, 2011)

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Title Author Type Words
A Foreign Country. Brown, Stephanie (American writer) Poem 445
A Little Consideration. Hoagland, Tony Poem 345
A Wolf's Song. Moss, Stanley (American writer) Poem 271
Allegory of the Laughing Philosopher. Moss, Stanley (American writer) Poem 389
An interview with Galway Kinnell. DeNiord, Chard Interview 5388
And Then. Rivard, David Poem 299
At Large. Rivard, David Poem 233
Bad Joke. Moss, Stanley (American writer) Poem 309
Bone. Moss, Stanley (American writer) Poem 280
Coffeehouse, Eastern Standard Time. Rivard, David Poem 327
Dog Sled Dawn. Rivard, David Poem 205
Dogs. Moss, Stanley (American writer) Poem 585
Down River. Moss, Stanley (American writer) Poem 173
Ecstatic Emigre VI. Keelan, Claudia Critical essay 1733
Elegy Written at Yuantong Temple. Maa, Gerald 164
Fear Come to My Belly Like a Stone. Braverman, Melanie Poem 104
From 'The Correspondence of Paul Celan and Ilana Shmueli'. Felstiner, John; Giltespie, Susan H.; Manea, Norman Excerpt 22609
From the Ghost-Fish Postcards. Nezhukumatathil, Aimee Poem 766
Hardware Store. Hoagland, Tony Poem 287
Hilary White. Heller, Kythe Poem 1405
Home Work. Hoagland, Tony Poem 269
Hound. Voigt, Ellen Bryant Poem 417
I'm Old Enough to Be My Own Father. Rybicki, John Poem 562
If Not I Then. Medina, Pablo Poem 354
Jubilate. Kinnell, Galway Poem 1447
Lady of Privacy and the Color White. Heller, Kythe Poem 354
Let Me Begin Again. Heller, Kythe Poem 355
Life Before Death. Hoagland, Tony Poem 442
Lives. Rivard, David Poem 341
Night. Vap, Sarah Poem 248
Norte Dame. Brown, Stephanie (American writer) Poem 445
Ode to the West Wind. Hoagland, Tony Poem 213
On Revision. Smith, Carmen Gimenez Critical essay 2529
Please. Moss, Stanley (American writer) Poem 242
Plural Happiness. Rivard, David Poem 295
Renunciation, Trento. Hays, K.A. Poem 220
Requiem. Moss, Stanley (American writer) Poem 337
Saint of the River. Medina, Pablo Poem 490
Self-Portrait as Ernestine "Tiny" Davis. Reeves, Roger Poem 460
Sleep. Moss, Stanley (American writer) Poem 157
Some Mornings I Find Her at Our Clothesline. Rybicki, John Poem 370
Some Young Kings. Reeves, Roger Poem 468
Someday I'll Love Roger Reeves. Reeves, Roger Poem 367
Sonnet. Rivard, David Sonnet 185
Still Life. Hoagland, Tony Poem 567
Summer. Hoagland, Tony Poem 248
Take Us the Foxes. Vap, Sarah Poem 194
Tell Me Pretty Maiden. Moss, Stanley (American writer) Poem 452
The Clouds Are No Shroud, Nor the Dim Sky a Curse to Be Gotten Through. Braverman, Melanie Poem 167
The Power of Butter. Hoagland, Tony Poem 387
The Sky, If I Can Say This, Seems Happy. Braverman, Melanie Poem 218
The Wetness. Hoagland, Tony Poem 387
To a Stranger. Moss, Stanley (American writer) Poem 272
To the Virgin. Hays, K.A. Poem 119
Towards a Theory of Difference. Schneiderman, Jason Critical essay 5025
Vigorish. Rivard, David Poem 329
Vocation. Hoagland, Tony Poem 204
You Get Comfortable and Relax. Brown, Stephanie (American writer) Poem 271

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