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Articles from The American Poetry Review (November 1, 2008)

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Title Author Type Words
A Ready Script. Darwish, Mahmud Poem 536
All the Way from Murasakino. Rivard, David Poem 281
Answering. Rivard, David Poem 401
Arson. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 118
Battle Royale. Matejka, Adrian Poem 335
California. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 148
Camus. Rivard, David Poem 341
Chubby Bell. DeWitt, Jack Poem 269
Coda. Shinder, Jason Poem 261
Company. Shinder, Jason Poem 160
Danny Hanrahan. DeWitt, Jack Poem 229
Early Sunday Morning on the White Pages: Edward Hopper (1882-1967). Tobin, Daniel (American poet) Poem 778
Elegy. Bolina, Jaswinder Poem 304
Eleven: 1. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 120
Eleven: 2. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 182
Ferranti's Ford. DeWitt, Jack Poem 211
From Now On You Are You. Darwish, Mahmud Poem 915
Gas Station. Dickman, Matthew Poem 431
Geriak's Farm. DeWitt, Jack Poem 211
Hidden. Rivard, David Poem 446
How Else to Say It. Rivard, David Poem 255
How to Become a Black Woman (While Being/Having Been Raised by a White Woman). Williams, Crystal Poem 1049
In a Gesture of Devotion. Martinez, Dionisio D. Poem 371
Incidentally. Reinking, Francisco Poem 151
James Dean. DeWitt, Jack Poem 198
Jimmy Karcher. DeWitt, Jack Poem 343
Kenny's '55 Ford. DeWitt, Jack Poem 186
Lightning with Stag in Its Glare. Rivard, David Poem 457
Long Lines to Stave off Suicide. Zucker, Rachel Poem 1281
Michael O'Hagan. DeWitt, Jack Poem 295
Music During War. Shinder, Jason Poem 247
My Mother at Her Desk. Updike, John Poem 282
New York State: 5. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 125
New York State: 6. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 132
Nostalgia. Rivard, David Poem 355
Now. Shinder, Jason Poem 252
One Day, Androids Will Have Pudgy Arms and Hug Us Like Mother, But Still I'd Reach for You, Dear Reader, Which Is Why I Have So Much Faith in Us as a People. Bolina, Jaswinder Poem 421
Otherwise Elsewhere. Rivard, David Poem 433
Our Lady of Peace High School. Muske-Dukes, Carol Poem 401
Plush. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 253
Powers. Rivard, David Poem 460
Raising Poetry to a Higher Power. Irwin, Mark Critical essay 2240
Rebuilding. Williamson, Alan Bacher Essay 1212
Selected letters from words in air. 9747
Sickness. Shinder, Jason Poem 228
Sophokles the Poet. Gibbons, Reginald Critical essay 6215
Speaking Malagasy on the Isle of Vanilla. McCullough, Laura Poem 397
Sporting Life. Matejka, Adrian Poem 231
Stages of Disaster: 1. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 136
Stages of Disaster: 2. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 129
Star. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 178
Sweet Desolation. Shinder, Jason Poem 248
Teddy & Alberta. DeWitt, Jack Poem 258
The Architecture of Loneliness. Ali, Kazim Essay 10713
The Clot. Mersal, Iman Poem 1048
The Cows of Point Reyes. Dickman, Matthew Poem 741
The Examination. Shinder, Jason Poem 367
The Go-Between. Muske-Dukes, Carol Poem 270
The Good Son. Shinder, Jason Poem 248
The Great Destroyer. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 158
The Poet on the Poem: "Lightning with Stag in its Glare," approximately. Rivard, David 567
The Same Bourgeois Magic Wherever the Mailtrain Sets You Down. Rivard, David Poem 320
The Source. Shinder, Jason Poem 256
Theory. Reinking, Francisco Poem 151
Things That No Longer Delight Me. Chang, Leslie (American poet) Poem 459
To Lynda Hall. Rivard, David Poem 386
To Save America. Zucker, Rachel Poem 488
Untitled. Cruz, Cynthia Poem 102
Wake. Williams, Crystal Poem 324
Wandering Oxygen. Rivard, David Poem 261
What Goes On. McCullough, Laura Poem 255
What Good Did My Own Good Do Me. Marbrook, Djelloul Poem 156
Whose Country, Mine or Theirs? Rivard, David Poem 171
Widows. Muske-Dukes, Carol Poem 242
Wishes. Rivard, David Poem 382

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