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Articles from The American Poetry Review (January 1, 1993)

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Title Author Type Words
A heresy. Levertov, Denise 121
After. Shapiro, David 125
An invalid. Gerstler, Amy 566
Birthday. Stern, Gerald 571
Boulder creek. Olds, Sharon 296
Canto V. Dante Alighieri; Pinsky, Robert 1066
Care. Weigl, Bruce 294
Cleaning out the shaker gears, Elyria Foundry, Elyria, Ohio 1971. Weigl, Bruce 220
Cloistered. Revell, Donald 210
Color in the garden. Tate, James 399
Constellation portrait #3: still life with crows. Lauterbach, Ann 84
Defoe. Scalapino, Leslie 1675
Dogbone. Goodman, Ronald 173
Elegy for Peter. Weigl, Bruce 119
Entire dilemma. Burkard, Michael 509
Epidermal hell. Lieberman, Laurence 422
Falls to the floor, comes to the door. Ashbery, John 207
Flexion of God. Carson, Anne 221
Forty-five. Carruth, Hayden 95
From Dante's 'Inferno:' Canto V; a translator's note. Pinsky, Robert 1275
Glory. Seidel, Frederick 154
God of Washington. Carson, Anne 88
God's ardor. Carson, Anne 120
God's name. Carson, Anne 152
God's work. Carson, Anne 95
Going places. Schwerner, Armand 427
Gummed reinforcements. Ashbery, John 294
Head of a white woman winking. Tate, James 97
Hinglish. Stern, Gerald 543
In Pryor, Oklahoma. Smiddy, Nina 92
January 1991. Clifton, Lucille 208
Melville's marginalia. Howe, Susan 4055
Mistakes of God. Carson, Anne 106
My father's neck. Bly, Robert 166
My intention. Milosz, Czeslaw 802
My mother's R and R. Kinnell, Galway 222
My religion. Carson, Anne 148
Naked in the city where I honeymooned. Smiddy, Nina 129
Night wing. Waldman, Anne 401
On the footfalls' side. Burkard, Michael 249
Passages from 'What is Found There: Notebooks on Poetry and Politics.' Rich, Adrienne Excerpt 5942
Places I've been, places I'm going. Smiddy, Nina 93
Poetry and politics: the example of Agnes Nemes Nagy. Berlind, Bruce Biography 5273
Pol Pot. Seidel, Frederick 180
Quality of wine. Carruth, Hayden 198
Requiem with nudes. Jansma, Esther; Orlen, Steve 96
Resorts. Carruth, Hayden 220
Selah. Smiddy, Nina 139
Showing my father through freedom. Kinnell, Galway 340
Sitting with the Buddhist monks, Hue 1967. Weigl, Bruce 177
Smuggled pencil stubs. Lieberman, Laurence 888
Song while bathing by the open window in the country. Smiddy, Nina 98
Sonnet. Seidel, Frederick 111
Stanzas on the snowfall. Grossman, Alan 1609
Teaching Raymond Carver. Coles, Robert 3783
Teresa of God. Carson, Anne 118
The air of performance-alpha at Liancourt. Schwerner, Armand 353
The archipelago. Ashbery, John 327
The blindness desired. Cox, Mark 138
The Christ in my body. Smiddy, Nina 87
The gaiety of form. Bly, Robert 135
The hour. Seidel, Frederick 122
The impossible. Miller, Jane 866
The knowing. Olds, Sharon 321
The new Chinese fiction. Tate, James 240
The new woman. Seidel, Frederick 122
The night. Kinnell, Galway 484
The notebook of uprisings. Forche, Carolyn 1891
The one. Weigl, Bruce 233
The past III. Levertov, Denise 198
The prior. Lauterbach, Ann 426
The shore. Olds, Sharon 219
The weather in my heart, the articulate region where I live, the map of the rain. Smiddy, Nina 111
The white ship of my heart. Smiddy, Nina 97
The Wild Iris. Muske, Carol 2947
The wolf god. Carson, Anne 169
The women you are accustomed to. Clifton, Lucille 86
These days. Olds, Sharon 222
To my husband. Olds, Sharon 194
Twins. Jansma, Esther; Orlen, Steve 95
Untitled dreams. Shapiro, David 156
Voracity. Revell, Donald 88
Voyage. Stryk, Lucien 292
What the water knows. Hamill, Sam 161
White. Smiddy, Nina 218
YMCA. Smiddy, Nina 104

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