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Articles from The American Midland Naturalist (January 1, 2019)

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A Leucisitic Fisher (Pekania pennanti) and the Prevalence of Leucism in Wild Carnivores. Olson, Lucas O.; Allen, Maximilian L. Report 2012
Assessing the Impact of Lumbricid Earthworms on Forest Seeds in Northeastern Ohio. Melampy, Michael N.; Mansbach, Sara N.; Durkin, Gage K. Report 6456
Browse-Mediated Succession by Deer and Elk 40 Y After a Clearcut in Northern Lower Michigan. Heinen, Joel T.; Castillo, Buck Report 6113
Cannibalism of Pupae by Caterpillars of the Ranchman's Tiger Moth, Arctia virginalis, (Lepidoptera: Erebidae). Grof-Tisza, Patrick; Pepi, Adam Report 2319
Characteristics of a Naturalized Kokanee Salmon Oncorhynchus nerka Population in Atypical Habitat. Lyons, John; Seibel, David A.; Walchak, Daniel L.; Haglund, Justin M.; Nolan, Aaron F.; Kanehl, Paul Report 5020
Common Nighthawks (Chordeiles minor) in Agricultural Landscapes: Genetic Structure of Populations Restricted to Urban Rooftop Nesting. Mays, Sarah E.; Newberry, Gretchen N.; Riley, Lynn; Britten, Hugh B.; Swanson, David L. Report 5652
Fish Assemblage Response to Altered Dendritic Connectivity in the Red River Basin, Central Louisiana. Reuter, Catherine N.; Kaller, Michael D.; Walsh, Colleen E.; Kelso, William E. Report 9189
Nest Success and Attributes of Brood Crevices Selected by Green Salamanders (Aneides aeneus) on the Blue Ridge Escarpment. Rossell, C. Reed, Jr.; Williams, Lori A.; Cameron, Alan D.; Lawson, Charles R.; Patch, Steven C. Report 6286
Priority Effects Allow Coreopsis tinctoria to Avoid Interspecific Competition with a [C.sub.4] Grass. Eddy, K.C.; Van Auken, O.W. Report 4948
Relationships Between Wildfire Burn Severity, Cavity-Nesting Bird Assemblages, and Habitat in an Eastern Ponderosa Pine Forest. Keele, Emma C.; Donovan, Victoria M.; Roberts, Caleb P.; Nodskov, Sarah M.; Wonkka, Carissa L.; Alle Report 8319
Something for Everyone: A Review of "The Biology and Identification of the Coccidia (Apicomplexa) of Carnivores of the World". Wilcox, Justin Jon Schader Book review 1689
Space Use of Predatory Larval Dragonflies and Tadpole Prey in Response to Chemical Cues of Predation. Brown, Taylor A.; Fraker, Michael E.; Ludsin, Stuart A. Report 4667
Survival, Movements, and Habitat Use of Fledgling Veeries (Catharus fuscescens) in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Goguen, Christopher B. Report 6029
Witness Tree Records for the Early Colonial Period (1623-1700) of Eastern Virginia. Abrams, Marc D. Report 3978

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