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Articles from The American Midland Naturalist (April 1, 2017)

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Characterization and isolation of ten microsatellite loci in false map turtles, graptemys pseudogeographica (Emydidae, Testudines). Kiesow, Alyssa M.; Warcken, Ambra Report 3209
Conserving large oaks and recruitment potential while restoring Midwestern Savanna and Woodland. Abella, Scott R. 4586
Diets of fishers (Pekania pennanti) and evidence of intraspecific consumption in Pennsylvania. McNeil, Darin J., Jr.; Nicks, Courtney A.; Wester, Jennifer C.; Larkin, Jeffery L.; Lovallo, Mathew Report 5315
Landscape context affects use of restored grasslands by mammals in a dynamic agroecosystem. Berry, Brian; Schooley, Robert L.; Ward, Michael P. Report 8739
Pollination and reproductive biology in a hill prairie population of Nothocalais cuspidata (Asteraceae: cichorieae). Dieringer, Gregg; Cabrera R., Leticia Report 5121
Population status and life history attributes of the Texas Shiner Notropis amabilis. Craig, Cody A.; Littrell, Bradley M.; Bonner, Timothy H. Report 5336
Range-wide microsatellite analysis of the genetic population structure of Prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster). Adams, N.E.; Inoue, K.; Solomon, N.G.; Berg, D.J.; Keane, B. Report 8464
Relative abundance, movements, and habitat use of southeastern blue sucker cycleptus meridionalis in the lower Pearl River, Louisiana. Oliver, Devon C.; Kelso, William E.; Kaller, Michael D. Report 7223
Resting site characteristics of American marten in the northern lower Peninsula of Michigan. Sanders, Robert L.; Cornman, Ari; Keenlance, Paul; Jacquot, Joseph J.; Unger, David E.; Spriggs, Mar Report 7594
Spawning observations of clinch dace: comparison of chrosomus spawning behavior. Hatcher, Hunter R.; Moore, Michael J.; Orth, Donald J. Report 4155
The reproductive ecology of diploid and tetraploid galax urceolata. Barringer, Brian C.; Galloway, Laura F. Report 4882
Tree species preferences of foraging songbirds during spring migration in floodplain forests of the upper Mississippi River. Kirsch, Eileen M.; Wellik, Michael J. Report 12095
Using randomized sampling methods to determine distribution and habitat use of Barbicambarus simmonsi, a rare, narrowly endemic Crayfish. Stites, Andrew J.; Taylor, Christopher A.; Dreslik, Michael J.; Gordon, Thomas E. Report 6604

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