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Articles from The American Midland Naturalist (April 1, 2008)

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Assessing the impacts of rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) on submergent macrophytes in a north-temperate U.S. lake using electric fences. Peters, Jody A.; Kreps, Tim; Lodge, David M. Report 5659
Canada lynx-bobcat (Lynx canadensis x L. rufus) hybrids at the southern periphery of lynx range in Maine, Minnesota and New Brunswick. Homyack, Jessica A.; Vashon, Jennifer H.; Libby, Cade; Lindquist, Edward L.; Loch, Steve; McAlpine, Report 2672
Characteristics of a high density population of southern fox squirrels. Lee, James C.; Osborn, David A.; Miller, Karl V. Report 4831
Comparative analysis of plant and ground dwelling arthropod communities in lacustrine dune areas with and without Centaurea biebersteinii (Asteraceae). Marshall, Jordan M.; Storer, Andrew J.; Leutscher, Bruce Report 5756
Distribution, population structure and habitat use of the endangered Saint Francis Satyr butterfly, Neonympha mitchellii francisci. Kuefler, Daniel; Haddad, Nick M.; Hall, Stephen; Hudgens, Brian; Bartel, Becky; Hoffman, Erich Report 11076
Does the density of dead shells predict the density of living anguispira cumberlandiana Lea 1840 (Gastropoda: Discidae)? Thurman, Carter F.; Shackleton, Lane P.; Haskell, David G. Brief article 1609
Ecology and ontogenetic variation of diet in the pigmy short-horned lizard (Phrynosoma douglasii). Lahti, Megan E.; Beck, Daniel D. Report 5435
Effects of species, density, season and prairie-type on post-dispersal seed removal in Oklahoma. Haught, Jennifer E.; Myster, Randall W. Report 3217
Effects of the pitcher plant mining moth Exyra semicrocea on the hooded pitcher plant Sarracenia minor. Moon, Daniel C.; Rossi, Anthony; Stokes, Keith; Moon, Jamie Report 2336
Factors influencing woodpecker predation on emerald ash borer. Lindell, Catherine A.; McCullough, Deborah G.; Cappaert, David; Apostolou, Natalya M.; Roth, Melinda Report 5607
Historical and current environmental influences on an endemic great plains fish. Fischer, Jesse R.; Paukert, Craig P. Report 7047
Initial invasion of cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) into burned pinon-juniper woodlands in western Colorado. Getz, Hilary L.; Baker, William L. Report 4684
Measuring fluctuating asymmetry in plastron scutes of yellow-bellied sliders: the importance of gender, size and body location. Davis, Andrew K.; Grosse, Andrew M. Report 3845
Middle-Wisconsinan gravel and wood from a well-drilling in west-central Indiana. Swinehart, Anthony L.; Napieralski, Jacob; Geist, Nicole M. Report 4132
Nesting survival and population fluctuations of the prairie vole Microtus ochrogaster. Getz, Lowell L.; McGuire, Betty Report 4150
Plant succession on gopher mounds in western Cascade meadows: consequences for species diversity and heterogeneity. Jones, Chad C.; Halpern, Charles B.; Niederer, Jessica Report 5244
Raccoons use habitat edges in northern Illinois. Barding, Erin E.; Nelson, Thomas A. Report 4383
Seasonal variation and ecological effects of Camp Shelby burrowing crayfish (Fallicambarus gordoni) burrows. Welch, Shane M.; Waldron, Jayme L.; Eversole, Arnold G.; Simoes, Jody C. Report 3095
Species-area and latitudinal patterns for Michigan fishes. Latta, W.C.; Breck, J.E.; Duchon, E.R. Marshall Report 4821
Stanlis, Peter J. Robert Frost: the Poet as Philosopher. Curley, Stephen Book review 1814
Survival and space use of fawn white-tailed deer in Southern Michigan. Hiller, Tim L.; Campa, Henry, III; Winterstein, Scott R.; Rudolph, Brent A. Report 5716
The Cumberland Plateau disjunct paradox and the biogeography and conservation of pond-breeding amphibians. Corser, Jeffrey D. Report 2927
Thirty years of post-fire succession in a southern boreal forest bird community. Haney, Alan; Apfelbaum, Steven; Burris, John M. Report 6335
Transport of agricultural Pb, As and P through a riparian wetland. Galicki, Stan; Davidson, Gregg R.; Threlkeld, Stephen T. Report 5327
Vascular systemic induced resistance for Artemisia cana and volatile communication for Artemisia douglasiana. Shiojiri, Kaori; Karban, Richard Report 4027

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