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Articles from The American Dissident (September 22, 2016)

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Title Author Type Words
"C" Is for Corruption. Larson, Ron Poem 283
(Squeaky-Voiced) Hippies for Hillary. Poem 217
A Bench Trial. Larson, Ron Poem 279
A Civil Confrontation. Goldstein, Lee Poem 212
Alone in Newfoundland. 128
Aquila. Becker, Rosalyn Poem 257
Art in PC-Landia: rigged and riskless at the helm, indoctrinated apparatchiks. 820
blood blister. Roibeardui-Neill Poem 964
Brain Storm. Streur, Russell Poem 163
Censored and banned. 966
Consent. Ochs, David Poem 406
Critique of the American dissident, issue #31. Becker, Rosalyn 1126
Critique of the editor's Bukowski essay. Ochs, David 447
Crony capital--art--ism: the state of the arts in Canada and America: A point by point counter-opinion. 1376
Diogenes. Petty, Rita Poem 195
Face It. Sklar, Dan Poem 390
Forging Peace despite the World. Fulco, Jennifer A. Poem 492
Hogwash 101. Poem 119
Hot Air. 163
Hypocrite at the helm. Maudit, P. Cartoon 116
Imports for the Possibility of Police Brutality. Goldstein, Lee Poem 209
Incompetent Hillary. Larson, Ron Poem 275
Letters for the public record. 9764
Macchiavelli Got It Wrong. Poem 137
Model Citizen. Streur, Russell Poem 394
Nation--in Ad Nauseam. Fulco, Jennifer A. Poem 383
Obscene Scenes. Larson, Ron Poem 279
Ode to the Modern Poets. Goude, Gary Poem 322
Orwell. Goldstein, Lee Poem 203
PC-prostitute. Maudit, P. Cartoon 145
Poem to Don Winter. Goude, Gary Poem 314
Psychosis. Goldstein, Lee Poem 365
Public Illness. Goldstein, Lee Poem 225
Quid Sum. Becker, Rosalyn Poem 225
Raised by Wolves. Sklar, Dan Poem 398
Ropa-dopa innocuity. Cartoon 153
Social engineering and the marginalization of dissent. Granger, Dolores 1283
State of the Union 2016: An Anthology of the Everyman's Woe. Mills, Topher Poem 265
Stephen R. Fortunato Found Poem. Sklar, Dan Poem 358
That Man CNN News. Petty, Rita Poem 235
The journalists--ad hominem 101. Maudit, P. Cartoon 111
The N-word Is Heard. Larson, Ron Poem 290
The Naked Harshness of Reality. Poem 164
The National Coalition Against Censorship. Maudit, P. Cartoon 204
The poets--on the edge of poverty ... or-sort of. Maudit, P. Cartoon 150
The poets--the poets--identity politics, but still bourgeois to the core. Maudit, P. Cartoon 103
The Rotten Fish. Larson, Ron Poem 279
Welcome to Orwellian University. Maudit, P. Cartoon 143
What You Need. Sklar, Dan Poem 336

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