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Articles from The American Conservative (November 19, 2007)

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Attack Bush, not history. Creel, Frank; Larison, Daniel 869
Big ideas need small places. Walker, Jesse Book review 1673
California Schemin': don't like losing elections? Change the rules. Greenhut, Steven 1602
Country over party. Brief article 255
Discounting Values Voters: Christian conservatives invite the candidates to ignore their demands. Dougherty, Michael Brendan 1539
Doves need not apply. Brief article 205
Getting lost on Utopia Highway. Stove, R.J. Book review 1922
Hired guns: while the volunteer Army struggles, the business of war booms. Vlahos, Kelley Beaucar Cover story 2482
Intelligence officials are becoming increasingly concerned over the changing nature of suicide bombing. Giraldi, Philip 320
Osama's man in America: his job: keep the Viagra and the gossip flowing while praying for a Giuliani victory. Hadar, Leon 2699
Pakistan's it girl: can Benazir Bhutto hold her country together? Margolis, Eric S. 1555
Past the peak: the signs were there, but Americans drove right by. Kunstler, James Howard 1613
Political science. 357
Prisoners in camp Kim: strange, secretive, and desperately poor, North Korea tests the limits of social control. Hitchens, Peter 4061
Sideswiping Hillary. Brief article 192
Term limits. Larison, Daniel 759
The fixer is in. Sailer, Steve Movie review 730
The Gospel according to Gerson. Hopkins, Kara Book review 1821
The Schwarzenegger Doctrine. Pinkerton, James P. 783
Trailing our coat. Brief article 181
Warmed-over globalism: the scaremongers are not always wrong. The Trojans should have listened to Cassandra. But history shows that the scaremongers are usually wrong. Buchanan, Patrick J. 808
Washington's frantic efforts to stop a Turkish incursion into northern Iraq might well be too little and too late. Giraldi, Philip Brief article 195

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