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The Alphabetic Labyrinth. (Bookmarks).

The Alphabetic Labyrinth. Johanna Drucker. New York: Thames & Hudson (800-233-4830), 2000. Illus., softcover, 320 pp., $27.50.

This paperback edition of a scholarly 1995 hardcover printing provides an opportunity to acquire this handsomely illustrated, extraordinary publication at a reasonable price. Readers will encounter a rich record of civilization's cultural history through this erudite and fascinating history of the alphabet, a set of symbols that has served us so well. A brief review such as this cannot do justice to this major study of books and the history of ideas. Readers will encounter reference to the seven vowels and their association with the planets, relationships between Hebrew letters and the Celtic language, Rune stones, the occult sciences, mysticism, and more. This book would be a valued addition to any school or personal library.
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Author:Anderson, Kent
Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 2002
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