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The Air I Breathe is Wartburg Air: The Legacy of William H. Weiblen.

The Air I Breathe is Wartburg Air: The Legacy of William H. Weiblen. Edited by Craig L. Nessan. Eugene: Wipf and Stock, Publishers. 215 pages. Paper. $22.00.

Written history constitutes the preservation of a treasured legacy that otherwise could be forgotten. The fruits of the church's mission are dependent upon the depths of its roots in the soil of faith. This book celebrates the rich heritage of an institution, Wartburg Theological Seminary, and the formative role of Dr. William H. Weiblen in that history. The work is unique in that oral history, as remembered and experienced by Dr. Weiblen, becomes written history as the heritage of Wartburg Seminary and the legacy of Weiblen are captured in conversational style. In verbatim form, the wisdom and memories of this living human document are recorded for posterity as an eyewitness account of much of the history and development of Wartburg Seminary.

The second section of the book features the writings of Weiblen in the form of articles, essays, and sermons that reveal the heart of one whose lungs breathed Wartburg air for most of his adult life.

Many of us stand in this historical tradition and walk the path of mission and ministry established by this remarkable man. His academic acumen coupled with his pastoral concern for colleagues and the students he taught is vividly captured in these conversations.

The present comprises the strands of the past carefully woven to form a strong link to the future. This volume will enable everyone who loves the church catholic to appreciate the rich strand contributed by this particular tradition that is such an integral part of the history of the church.

Robert H. Albers

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Millard, Nebraska
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Author:Albers, Robert H.
Publication:Currents in Theology and Mission
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Oct 1, 2004
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