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Articles from The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine) (November 8, 2005)

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Title Author Type Words
2005 Readers' Choice Awards. 3913
A desperate vacation. Brief Article 84
A girl nation. Colomer, E. Letter to the Editor 81
A safe haven for rural youth. Spillane, Eileen 389
Airplane essentials. Buyers Guide 192
Airport gyms. Brief Article 92
Alison Bechdel. Brief Article 301
Anthony Rapp on coming out to Dad. Romesburg, Don Brief Article 165
Astoria oversight. Cummings, Brendan Letter to the Editor 90
Away with the gays! Bravo's D-list diva tells why she won't go anywhere without "my gays". Griffin, Kathy 730
Batman forever. Felber, R. Letter to the Editor 459
Chris Glaser. Han, Angie J. Interview 278
Corrections. Correction Notice 82
Crashing America. Frei, Darren Book Review 124
Crazy for Dean. Ehrenstein, David Brief Article 328
Cross country. Brief Article 270
Dance for the ages. Carman, Joseph Movie Review 163
Destination station. 2555
Died. Obituary 175
Dogma can be harmful. Marco, Tony Brief Article 158
Dreier's albatross. Lisotta, Christopher Brief Article 184
Extreme Makeover too extreme? Allen, Dan Brief Article 237
Fair-minded or far right? Brief Article 190
Fernando "Fernie" Rodriguez Jr. Broverman, Neal Brief Article 150
Friend or foe? David, Jim Brief Article 97
Friends like these. Rice, Christopher 618
Fury and sound. Davis, Mark Brief Article 112
Gay against West: first person: Jerry Davis. 542
Gay cowboys cost $3 million. Brief Article 149
Gay horror filmmakers' birthdays. Abley, Sean Brief Article 166
Gay life returns to New Orleans. Brief Article 199
Gay Sex in the '70s. Raymond, Gerard Interview 269
Geffen goes hotelier. Limsky, Drew Brief Article 190
Giving your most valuable gift. Link, Matthew 570
Global outings. 414
Global phones. Wein, Gregory Buyers Guide 131
Help fight global AIDS: numerous volunteer vacation programs let you lend a hand to people with HIV in the developing world. Pareles, Marissa 529
Herbie: Fully Loaded. Duralde, Alonso Brief Article 279
HIV land. Vallier, Bill Letter to the Editor 132
Hot picks. Calendar 178
Joined in Connecticut. Kuhr, Fred Brief Article 103
Locker room dustup. Broverman, Neal Brief Article 234
Merci for Absolu. Sardana, Niklas M., III Letter to the Editor 98
Music to my ears. Montgomery, James Letter to the Editor 210
No children of "immoral" parents. Brief Article 101
Nuggets & bites. Brief Article 266
On the road again: if your commute has turned your car into a second home, then why not throw yourself a housewarming party? 392
Only on Brief Article 146
Outspoken: Ross Bynum. Brief Article 361
Patricia Clarkson. Steele, Bruce C. Interview 374
Photography for Tahiti. Brief Article 112
Puerto Vallarta's art scene: gays from around the world come to bask on the beaches and purchase Mexico's most intriguing art. Tien, Benjamin 1110
Queer Duck: The Movie? Brief Article 84
Rants raves. 180
Reader comments from 194
Rent ... in San Francisco? Brief Article 155
Rent gets real: as the pansexual, AIDS-inflected Broadway sensation becomes a gritty, hyperreal movie, three returning cast members talk about how the show's messages of love, life, and liberty for all have only become more urgent. Giltz, Michael Cover Story 3380
Sandboarding the dragon: Iquique, Chile, nestled between the Pacific and the Atacama Desert, is the birthplace of dune surfing. Edwards, Cristobal 1237
Scary! In an era of "positive images" for gays and lesbians, can queer characters still get chopped up in horror movies? Abley, Sean 1527
Sexy in any language. Brief Article 169
Sharing prevention tools. Brief Article 118
Shocking! Soxer kisses Yankee! Brief Article 145
Solutions for an upset stomach. Brief Article 242
Soulful eulogy. Reighley, Kurt B. Brief Article 130
South Beach: Florida's gayest beach district gets yet another second wind. Appell, David 611
Special treatment. Brief Article 172
Store info. Directory 210
Style. Brief Article 83
Tab, 3; Felice, O. Cushing, Scott Letter to the Editor 436
Tahiti: on the isle of Bora Bora a Hawaiian writer finds another Polynesian paradise. Che, Cathay Cover Story 2239
The (slow) rise of the gay hotel chain. Brief Article 162
The company you keep. Marks, Jeffrey Letter to the Editor 122
The it list: must-have travel items. Brief Article 214
The new gay tube. Vilanch, Bruce 537
The promise of Rent. Steele, Bruce C. 596
The Reverend Jeffery A. Haskins. Kennedy, Sean Interview 594
Three for the road: is there a roadster in your dreams? The Advocate's gearheads investigate your options as they put three sexy models to the test. Weil, Daniel 977
Three of hearts. Vary, Adam B. Interview 364
Too "shocking" for Parisians. Brief Article 94
Trans-hop. Reighley, Kurt B. Brief Article 139
Troy Perry. Biography 187
True tales of an airline pilot. Interview 344
Truffle time. Brief Article 113
Tuxedo injunction ends. Brief Article 185
Twilight of Love: Travels with Turgenev. Frei, Darren Book Review 129
Un mystere. Sound Recording Review 132
University of New England. Brief Article 168
We built this city. Young, Bob Letter to the Editor 123
We're here to help: gay and lesbian relief workers stepped up to help during hurricanes Katrina and Rita: assisting at shelters, gathering donations, opening their homes, and traveling to affected areas. Andreoli, Richard 1272
Why I love my car. 393
Wilde times at Oxford: this spire-filled college town was the backdrop to English history's queerest scandal and holds plenty for the gay traveler of today. Kelly, Gretchen 1282
Zip, zip, hooray! Henneman, Todd Brief Article 316

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