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Articles from The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine) (June 21, 2005)

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"Fine" T-shirts make change. Huff-Hannon, Joseph 353
10 minute full-body scans a full-scale rip-off? Brief Article 122
50,000 men won't be ignored. Brief Article 85
8 guys out! Brief Article 88
8 ways to energize your exercise: beat workout burnout and stay on track to the body of your dreams. Moore, John D. 1006
A chocolate cure. Brief Article 95
A club of her own: Kerry Pacer, 17, fought tears and attacks to create a gay-straight alliance in her Southern high school. Meet the founder of Cleveland, Ga.'s PRIDE. Sverdlik, Alan Biography 1974
A force against meth. Brief Article 153
A great leap forward: closing out his illustrious career at New York City Ballet, Jock Soto opens up about his future as a gay man. Dalton, Joseph 785
A master's class. Shewey, Don Brief Article 249
A patchwork of partner rights. 361
A ruling for equality: a federal court strikes down Nebraska's sweeping restrictions on same-sex relationships, but its marriage ban remains. Adams, Bob 435
A toast to your brain's health! Brief Article 108
Acceptance is elementary. Caldwell, John Brief Article 141
All about Jack. Kaiser, Charles 489
Always on the run? Brief Article 93
An activist is born: it's church and state against one teenage girl in this documentary about a student who questions the antigay ways of her Texas town. Stockwell, Anne Brief Article 300
Anniversary party: one year after gays were allowed to marry, Massachusetts couples are feeling optimistic. Meanwhile, the state didn't fall into the sea as some conservatives predicted. Kuhr, Fred 915
April 13, 2005: dear Advocate. Jamie 163
Aquaman: swimming can help you achieve the lean, strong look Olympian Johan Kenkhuis has. Psst ... but you won't have to work as hard as he does to get the results. Edwards, Michael W.E. Cover Story 643
Asking and telling. Adams, Lindy Letter to the Editor 379
Ballot box trailblazers: even in superconservative states and the most hostile legislatures, out politicians are making a difference every day. Lisotta, Christopher 2645
Beautiful dreamer: lack of sleep could be causing more than bags under your eyes--how about that saddlebag around your waist! Ryan, Benjamin 492
Better body in two weeks? Brief Article 181
Better do more than just lose the fat. Brief Article 186
Blind Dateline: in two major stories, NBC news hides the fact that the main subjects were openly gay. Why cover up the truth? Kuhr, Fred 1319
Bring on those brain avalanches. Brief Article 104
Closeted and under fire: after a year of fighting in Iraq, an anonymous gay soldier gives Advocate readers a remarkably intimate account of what it's like being a gay officer in a war zone. 1098
Corey Johnson. Lehoczky, Etelka Interview 607
Cross country. Brief Article 222
Dear George. Brief Article 247
Demonizing gays. Chapa, Peter Letter to the Editor 135
Demonizing the pope. Gallagher, Jeff Letter to the Editor 480
Died. Brief Article 116
Dishing with Liz: legendary columnist Liz Smith tells all on Texas, Angelina Jolie, the future of gossip, and Smith's new book, Dishing. Stroh, Suzanne Interview 568
Diva dialogue. Arden, Angela Interview 290
Down with drain. Brief Article 152
Drawing on love: after her hand was crushed, Elizabeth Patterson thought she'd never draw again. Then she fell for a special woman. McCarthy, Michelle Brief Article 258
Dressing the part. Brief Article 98
Dynamic duo: opera divas Patricia Racette and Beth Clayton celebrate their wedding and sing out for pride at Lincoln Center. White, Dave 616
Eat your water? Tasty alternatives to multiple glasses of [H.sub.2]O. Rustad, Mitch 533
Eating for your genes. Brief Article 137
Eau du mosquito. Brief Article 169
Ending Hong Kong's homophobia. Brief Article 134
Ethan Mao. Steele, Bruce C. Movie Review 337
Everything old is new again. Steele, Bruce C. Editorial 481
Fear factor. Brief Article 199
Feed your libido. Brief Article 133
Filmmaker Quentin Lee. Kumala, Kevin Interview 420
From Doris to D.E.B.S.: once you've had your fill of parades and meat-on-a-stick, there are plenty of great DVDs arriving in June to keep you entertained. Duralde, Alonso Brief Article 281
Future gay hero: Andrew Goldstein. Allyn, David Brief Article 105
Gannon to Thompson in one step. Brief Article 117
Gay straight revolution: an explosion of gay-supportive clubs at high schools across the country is helping a generation become crusaders for equality. Caldwell, John 1233
Gay students come together. Romesburg, Don 119
Getting burned. Brief Article 146
Got milk? Brief Article 114
Gotta dance! Brief Article 285
Guys on guys: we realize that some of the best advice a man can get comes from his buddies. So we asked our friends, coworkers, etc., across the country to give us some of the useful tips they use for keeping their lives healthy and simplified. 803
Haiku cool. Brief Article 88
Health food with some real taste. Brief Article 114
Healthy penis, healthy heart? Brief Article 96
High and dry. Brief Article 106
Hit the road, Jack. Book Review 113
Hot Breakfast. Pela, Robrt L. Brief Article 321
Hot picks. Book Review 191
In the spotlight for pride: Performers at gay pride celebrations around the country talk about why these festivals are important to them. 1388
Indie heat. Davis, Mark Buyers Guide 466
Israelis invite Arabs to bed. Brief Article 101
Jane Wiedlin. Reighley, Kurt B. Interview 485
Jonesing for Botox. Brief Article 119
Lifesaving lessons. Brief Article 86
Look out, word here we come! Today's young gay leaders represent the largest cultural shift in a generation. Here are six high achievers who aren't hung up on their sexuality and are determined to make a difference. Vary, Adam B. Cover Story 5547
Make me laugh. Brief Article 86
Man with a plan. Brief Article 102
Mirror, mirror, on the wall ... Brief Article 105
Mixed on Marsden. Bergmann, J. Letter to the Editor 269
Multifaceted Middle East. Hall, Dave Letter to the Editor 144
No deposit, no return. Brief Article 162
No two kings. Brief Article 140
Not just Jack. Brief Article 182
Nothing to yawn about. Brief Article 142
Nuggets & bites. Brief Article 209
One! Two pharmaceutical giants team up to find a simpler, better way to fight HIV. Adams, Bob 399
Our cool jobs: gays and lesbians across the country talk about the cool jobs they have always had or the ones they went out and found. Allen, Dan 1971
Outspoken. Bland, Allison Brief Article 305
Party miser. Stockwell, Anne Book Review 160
Pass the pills? Brief Article 108
Plaque's attack. Brief Article 89
Poor role model. Brief Article 84
Prefect improvement? Brief Article 128
Preventing a supersize you. Brief Article 113
Pride. Romesburg, Don Brief Article 186
Queer on the funny pages: how do you work gay (and gayish) characters into the comics without making a fuss? Don't make a big deal about it. Vary, Adam B. 911
Quote unquote. Ferber, Lawrence Brief Article 167
Rants & raves. Brief Article 171
Ready, set, summer! Brief Article 205
Resume: Donna Red Wing. Brief Article 124
Self breast exam made easy. Brief Article 84
Sex & the ex: a fling with an old flame sounds hot--initially--but often just leaves you feeling burned. Moore, John D. 554
Six feet over: director Jeremy Podeswa quizzes Alan Ball--creator of Six Feet Under, now in its last season on HBO--about five years of digging five years of digging the dirt. Podeswa, Jeremy Interview 1715
Skin tight. White, Dave Brief Article 104
Spam to go. Abele, Robert Brief Article 131
Splash! Start your swim practice with Johan. 933
Standout sisters. Parks, Joy Brief Article 158
Starry nights? Brief Article 84
Stars come out at Lincoln Center. Brief Article 249
Stonewall revisited. Dooley, Savannah 570
Sucky summer. Duralde, Alonso Brief Article 140
Surviving pride: the sun, the crowd, the noise--and that's just in the line to get bottled water. Don't be caught unprepared for pride; check out these must-have products. Lopez, Vincent Buyers Guide 352
Suspect's last chat. Brief Article 153
Sweet success: with her country band, Sugarland, poised to become a household word, out artist Kristen Hall is pickin' on top of the world. Kort, Michele 699
Take back control. Brief Article 119
The Advocate poll. Brief Article 230
The growing T-shirt wars. Brief Article 145
The mod couple: designers Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler chat about Doonan's new book (Nasty) and their totally gorgeous life together. Kennedy, Sean 799
The potluck club. Clinton, Kate 494
The ugly truth. Brief Article 92
The X factor. Brief Article 84
They are dad: in a moving new documentary a hard-pressed gay family fights to stay together. McCarthy, Michelle 858
Time line: Network news bias. Brief Article 103
To dye for. Brief Article 86
Trolls. Shewey, Don Brief Article 164
Upbeat ideas. Parks, Joy Brief Article 153
We've come a long way. Edwards, Michael W.E. 490
What's on your mind? Advertisement 83
Where there smoke. Brief Article 91
Who's the victim. VanDeCarr, Paul 370
Wild Rover. Weil, Daniel Product/Service Evaluation 153
You and me against the world: Spain is just one of a half dozen countries worldwide that have made crucial strides toward marriage rights--or at least civil union style protections--during the past year. Hudson, Mike 1040
You don't call, you don't write. Brief Article 103
Young, happy, label-free. Graham, Chad Interview 270
Yours, mine, ours. Brief Article 84
Youth fiction grows up: for the gifted crop of writers telling stories for and about gay youths, the old cliches are so-o-o over. Marler, Regina 704

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