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Articles from The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine) (October 26, 2004)

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A bishop's battle: Jon Bruno has been fighting for gays and lesbians in his church for many years. Now he's fighting to hold the church together. Allen, Dan 681
Absinthe minded. Brief Article 167
Across the nation. Brief Article 177
Activism and furniture. Christensen, Jen Brief Article 132 119
Airing out Foot Locker. Brief Article 109
Alp wanted! Nelson, Georgette 491
Amsterdam: this proud enclave of liberalism holds its own into the 21st century. Kadushin, Raphael 593
An unmannerly pre-Election Day splenetic. Kushner, Tony 2249
Big gay following: . Duralde, Alonso Interview 401
Bill Brochtrup's shady TV date. Brief Article 93
Bloggers get active: from BlogActive's powerful outing campaign to diary entries that build fan bases, the voices of gay bloggers are louder than ever. Lehoczky, Etelka 980
Broadway bares all: PBS's six-hour documentary on the Great White Way is more than just another op'nin', another show. Giltz, Michael Television Program Review 354
Brothers to the max: Brother to Brother star Anthony Mackie talks about how he and the film's gay director pushed it to the limits. Ehrenstein, David Movie Review 765
Bundling beauties. Brief Article 165
Bush's betrayal: by welcoming gay and lesbian Republicans into the party, George W. Bush earned 1 million gay votes in 2000. Four years later, many of even the most faithful gay Republicans have deserted him. Wildman, Sarah 1575
Challenging masculinity: a rise in male-on-male sexual harassment in the workplace is more about homophobia than sexual favors. DuLong, Jessica 392
Cyber center stage: David Bohnett turns his Internet success story into critical support for local GLBT Internet access and other causes. Lehoczky, Etleka Brief Article 220
Dakhla Oasis, Egypt, 1993. Brief Article 129
Dear Governor McGreevey ... Mapa, Alec 720
Dude looks like a lady: TBS's reality show He's a Lady will put 11 brawny straight guys in touch with their feminine sides. Goodridge, Mike 511
East African Eden? Frei, Darren Brief Article 306
Enemies of the states: as part of a national right-wing get-out-the-vote effort, an unprecedented number of state-level marriage bans will go before voters on November 2 and are expected to pass. Are we losing the battle for equality? Lisotta, Christopher 1238
Family in Florence. Gentzler, Ed Letter to the Editor 150
Get a room! The Out Traveler revved up five gay-centric hotel booking engines to see how well they perform. Brief Article 246
Getting the in-laws covered. Jacques, Julianne Letter to the Editor 348
Hiding among the Bushies: Barry Hayes took a job in Bush's reelection effort without mentioning he's gay. Turns out his coworkers needed no excuse to spew homophobia. Hayes, Barry 855
HIV and travel: the world may not be your oyster when you roam openly as HIV-positive. Adams, Bob 1083
Homophobic deity? Leddy, John E. Letter to the Editor 245
It hasn't gone away. Ishmael, Ed 784
Kerry for doubters. Goldstein, Richard Column 651
Kerry's plan for gay America: an estimated 4 million gay and lesbian voters could determine the outcome of perhaps the closest presidential race in U.S. history. In an exclusive interview, John Kerry makes his case for the gay vote. Graham, Chad Interview 3641
Knot gonna take it. White, Dave Brief Article 252
Le Tigre purrs and roars: with an accessible and energetic major-label debut, the feminist trio seems poised for--gasp!--mainstream success. Coble, Margaret Sound Recording Review 338
Lewis loved Clark? Intriguing hints abound about America's historic trailblazers. Smith, Bob 674
Lipstick Los Angeles: the L word and go fish! Writer and actor takes a stab at defining a lesbian category in this city of gorgeous Hollywood women. Turner, Guinevere Cover Story 1263
Never in the closet. Goodman, Jerilyn Letter to the Editor 138
Now boarding! You too can take the ups, downs, twists, and turns of snowboarding like a pro. Miller, Ryan Column 1143
Off the Beaten Track: Three Centuries of Women Travellers. Brief Article 248
Out of the closet. Kearns, Philip J. Letter to the Editor 610
Pacific passions. 847
Papal indignities. Edwards, Brock Thomas Letter to the Editor 106
Peachtree's players: the gay couple behind the Atlanta stage phenomenon Peachtree Battle cast a satiric eye in every direction. Behrens, Web Interview 393
Playing politics. Janeski, Paul Letter to the Editor 138
Positive travel experience. Honey, Roger Letter to the Editor 102
Props to a gay hero: Duane Boutte talks about bringing the Harlem Renaissance to life in the person of out poet Bruce Nugent. Ehrenstein, David 409
R.E.M. hopes Bush will move on. Brief Article 159
Rallying the college troops. 278
Rants & raves. 202
Reader comments from Brief Article 176
Religious right shelves Crest. Brief Article 162
Return of the out rock icons: the long-awaited reunion of American Music Club and the Hidden Cameras' sophomore effort both yield delight. Reighley, Kurt B. 430
Rufus of Montreal: viewing Canada's multicultural mecca through the world-weary eyes of its native queer bard. Frei, Darren 1017
Seedy Safari. Brief Article 115
Sistah! The Color Purple returns as a Broadway-bound stage musical. Behrens, Web Brief Article 149
Sister to sister: in the days of Brother to Brother, New York's wild women held their own. Lehoczky, Etelka Brief Article 164
Six who see the future: meet the next generation of silicon all-stars--gay and lesbian innovators and entrepreneurs whose work is rocking the digital world. Lehoczky, Etelka 850
Suddenly Cynthia. Brief Article 113
Swaggart slays gays with "humor". Brief Article 152
The future according to whom? Henneman, Todd Brief Article 236
The IT list. Brief Article 221
The politics of change. Link, Matthew Editorial 652
The queerest-named places in the U.S. of A. Smith, Bob Brief Article 154
The Seals on the Icepack and More Gay Travel Adventures. Brief Article 262
The true tales of a cruise ship entertainer. Yee, Matt 352
Top 10 gay travel movies of all time. Musto, Michael 1031
Transgender marriage ban. DuLong, Jessica Brief Article 107
Travelscopes. Yawney, Michael 614
What's new, Buenos Aires? Don't cry for the "Paris of South America." She's rebounded after a peso plummet and is as sophisticated and stylish as ever. Luongo, Michael 2921
Whitehorse & frozen dreams: revisiting the Arctic of his youth, a Canadian writer finds his way home. Twa, Garth 1582
Why Bush hates you: Part I: October 20, 1992. Romesburg, Don Brief Article 157
Worldwide wedding bells. Brief Article 125

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