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Articles from The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine) (August 17, 2004)

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[Perfect 10] the world's top gay-welcoming spa retreats. Hammers, Maryann 863
A cruise down: shark alley. Shafer, Dirk Column 1085
A little more conversation. Steele, Bruce C. Editorial 707
America's first top model: more outrageous truths from once-and-forever supermodel Janice Dickinson. White, Dave Book Review 307
Annoyance, straight up. Duff, Paul Letter to the Editor 97
Athens exposed. Brief Article 257
Bear or straight? Duralde, Alonso 359
Black and white and dull all over: interracial sex is taboo in Proteus, but the storytelling fails to arouse. Rebello, Stephen Movie Review 381
Carried away. Wein, Gregory Brief Article 234
China's gay cultural revolution. Edward, Olivia 336
Cruising ... for books. Vilanch, Bruce Column 603
Cutting Colin: as A Home at the End of the World hits the screen, the filmmakers talk about slimming down the novel--and axing Colin Farrell's nude scene. Giltz, Michael Interview 631
Dirty pillow talk: Justin Jorgensen's Obscene Interiors explores what's really disgusting about Web porn--people's furniture. Hensley, Dennis Interview 478
Fall films with settings you can simply fall into. Brief Article 280
Forever Florence: Felice Picano rekindles the forbidden passion and unmatched glory of Tuscany's perpetually blooming flower. Picano, Felice 2175
Full equality? Walker, Scott Letter to the Editor 221
Hanging with Antonio: Antonio Sabato Jr. tells all about putting his underwear model body back on the line as a mysterious gay seducer in the upcoming film Testosterone. Griffiths, John Cover Story 2670
He don't hate me: Spike Lee gives his most revealing interview ever about homophobia, the down Low, queer bashing, gay parenting, and She Hate Me, his winning new lesbian comedy. Stockwell, Anne Interview 2266
Here to represent: Patrik-Ian Polk wondered why there was no TV show about black gay men. So he created one. Duralde, Alonso Interview 835
Hong Kong: a queer world opens in the New York of Asia. Friess, Steve 2308
India's new lesbian fire: the gay-themed Girlfriend caused riots among Indian fundamentalists. So why don't queers like the film? Goodridge, Mike 736
Is your travel insurance gay-friendly? Make it your policy to ask. Hecht, Randy B. 618
Islands for rent: be it a windswept Irish isle or a Caribbean secret getaway, you can rule your own fantasy island-for a price! Kelly, Gretchen 991
It's all natural: biologist and transwoman Joan Roughgarden takes on Darwin and science's traditional view of sexuality. Lisotta, Christopher Interview 644
John Waters's Baltimore: see Maryland's greatest city through the eyes of the king of bad taste. Link, Matthew Column 950
Keep the bathhouses, lose the shame: the problems of increasing HIV infection and rampant crystal use among gay men are intertwined, argues PATRICK MOORE, so they need to be attacked in tandem. The first steps are to combat the self-loathing attached to gay sexuality and to reach out to sexually active gay men where they meet. Moore, Patrick Column 1300
Kramer vs. Reagan. Hedinger, J. Letter to the Editor 879
L is for lovin': the L Word soundtrack is loaded with luscious lyricism for when you're feeling lascivious. Marcus, Sara Sound Recording Review 360
Lust at last: at age 70, illustrator Bob Ziering shows his gay erotic art for the first time. Kennedy, Sean Interview 464
Message received. Casson, Chuck Letter to the Editor 185
Mislabeled paradise. Hawkins, Vic Letter to the Editor 147
My straight little brother. Nutter, Chris 666
New homes. Link, Matthew Editorial 503
No, no, JoJo! Welch, Sara J. Brief Article 123
On the beach: Paul Freeman's book Bondi Classic depicts an endless, erotic summer. Duralde, Alonso Brief Article 123
Pack mentality. Wein, Gregory Brief Article 246
Porn star wants you ... safe: Harvey Fierstein and gay-porn superstar Michael Lucas talk about Lucas's safe-sex campaign (hot!) and crystal meth (not!). Kennedy, Sean Interview 1014
QAF, pro and con. McAllister, Nicolas Letter to the Editor 632
Queering Las Vegas. Lewis, Kristen 569
Reaching out to the down low: a look inside the clubs where men have secret gay sex reveals why many can't be convinced to play safe. Lisotta, Christopher 1629
Reading something gay. Carrere, Bob Letter to the Editor 149
Reservations and Loathing in Las Vegas. Henley-Tannehill, Jeff Letter to the Editor 269
Right and wrong. Peyser, Andrea Letter to the Editor 101
Saugatuck: Michigan's secret treasure. Wozek, Gerard 572
Scared of sex: Gay people paralyzed by a fear of STDs need to know: Celibacy driven by terror can be bad for your health. Henneman, Todd 786
Sex and relationships: while the battle for same-sex marriage dominates the news, gay and lesbian couples have the spotlight. But not all of us opt for marriage or even monogamy. In this special report, 24 Advocate readers, ages 18 to 71, share their experiences of sex and relationships. Are the most enduring partnerships begun in the bedroom? Or is it something else that brings and keeps us together? 3234
Surprising Senegal. Link, Matthew 1256
The Girl With the Golden Bouffant: An Original Jane Bond Parody. Book Review 205
The it list. Wein, Gregory Brief Article 202
The Kerry gamble. Sullivan, Andrew Column 683
The out traveler: destination station. 1950
The true tales of a room service waiter. Brief Article 297
The View From Stalin's Head. Book Review 146
Trannies play the field. Beattie, Rich Brief Article 182
Travelscopes. Yawney, Michael 644
Venice unmasked. Kelly, Gretchen 1544
Wombstock rocks. 322
Womyn in the mist. Slaton, Joyce 668

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