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Articles from The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine) (November 12, 2002)

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"Don't ask, don't tell" July 1993: a new law allows gays in the military only if they remain invisible--a policy Danny Roberts knows well. (Gods & Monsters). Roberts, Danny 202
2 for Wisconsin February 1982 & November 1998: the first state to pass a gay rights law later goes on to send the first out lesbian to congress: Tammy Baldwin. (Rebels & Pioneers). Neff, Lisa 228
35 years of cruising. (notes from a blond). Vilanch, Bruce 745
A new home for HRC: the eight-story building, once the target of a terrorist attack, will be Washington, D.C.'s most visible gay headquarters. (Community). Bull, Chris 515
Act up March 1987: New Yorker Maer Roshan writes about the early days of the groud that redefined street activism. (Bold beginnings). Roshan, Maer 407
After the beathing: would faster reporting of the gay bashings in West Hollywood have helped to prevent further attacks there? (Community). Quittner, Jeremy 1553
America online December 1997: the Internet reshaped how gay people interact. it also put at risk the navy career of officer Timothy McVeigh. (Safety in numbers). Jones, Wenzel 313
An Early Frost November 1985: NBC airs the first TV movie about a gay man with AIDS, a film written by Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman. (Telling our stories). Lipman, Daniel 262
Andrew Cunanan July 1997: a serial killer who is gay ignites a firestorm of twisted media reports and assassinates out designer Gianni Versace before killing himself. (Gods & Monsters). Neff, Lisa 315
Angels in America May 1993: Moises Kaufman recalls the broadway opening of Tony Kushner's groundbreaking play. (Telling our stories). Kaufman, Moises 266
Anita Bryant January 1977: the enactment of a gay rights law in Miami-Dade county mobilizes the ex-beauty queen's antigay campaign--as well as gays nationwide, including San Franciscan Armistead Maupin. (Gods & Monsters). Maupin, Armistead 311
AT&T March 1975: the first major company to protect its gay employees starts a trend. (Rebels & Pioneers). Jones, Wenzel 171
Barney Frank May 1987: U.S. representative Barney Frank remembers when he became the first congressman to come out on his own. (Rebels & Pioneers). Frank, Barney 397
Belittling comment. (reader forum). Brown, Lyle 88
Bill Clinton November 1992: tennis legend Martina Navratilova remembers the inclusive days of Clinton's first campaign. (Changing perceptions). Navratilova, Martina 183
Bill Clinton November 1997: Clinton adviser Richard Socarides marks the first time a sitting president addresses a gay rights group. (Changing perceptions). Socarides, Richard 388
Birth of AIDS activism January 1982: Larry Kramer was among the first to make on the growing health crisis. (Rebels & Pioneers). Dahir, Mubarak 338
Born again. (reader forum). 909
Bowers v. Hardwick June 1986: everyone involved, including Evan Wolfson, was shocked when they lost the groundbreaking Supreme Court case. (Gods & Monsters). Wolfson, Evan 547
Bully pulpit. (reader forum). 250
Carrie on. (the Buzz). 146
Chat bashing: AOL's Golden Gals chat room fights back. (On the Web). Hall, Jeremiah 247
Civil unions July 1, 2000: under the stewardship of Gov. Howard Dean, Vermont gives same-sex couples the rights of marriage. (Justifying our love). Dean, Howard 184
Closing the book on a killer. (Crime). 191
Colorado's Amendment 2 May 1996: in Romer V. Evans, the Supreme Court rules that laws protecting gay people cannot be banned by popular vote, overturning Colorado's antigay amendment. (Changing perceptions). Bull, Chris 238
Conscientious objectors: Yale University sparks a protest when it joins the growing list of schools that are letting military recruiters back on campus. (Behind the Headlines). Bull, Chris 572
David Kopay December 1975: former NFL player David Kopay remembers in this book excerpt when he came out of the closet in the Washington Star. (Changing perceptions). Kopay, David 209
Dear Abby April 1970: advice columnist Dear Abby speaks out in favor of gay relationships when homosexuality was still considered mental illness. (Justifying our love). Jones, Wenzel 294
Dr. Laura March 2001: the demise of a syndicated television show hosted by an antigay radio personality is the culmination of more than two years of activism by community organizers. Romaine Patterson recounts the battle. (Safety in numbers). Patterson, Romaine 280
Elaine Noble November 1974: a progressive Massachusetts candidate becomes the first openly gay person elected to state office. (Rebels & Pioneers). Neff, Lisa 150
Ellen DeGeneres April 1997: Ellen's star comes out, instantly creating the first gay-centered sitcom and inspiring those who would follow, including Queer as folks Robert Gant. (Telling our stories). Gant, Robert 413
End of the road for a gay fugitive. (People). 123
Funding games. (Government). 120
Goodbye, Jesse. (Congress). 111
Happy birthday to us. (letter from the editor in chief). Wieder, Judy 652
History makes the cover: these 35 covers describe the sweep of gay political and cultural history during the past 35 years--and also reveal the evolving face of the magazine of record. 174
Jamie Nabozny November 1996: a youth's court victory against the school that failed to protect him from antigay abuse gives hope to teens like Derek Henkle. (Safety in numbers). Henkle, Derek 265
Just one more, sweetie. (the Buzz). 142
k.d. lang June 1992: Dan Mathews notes that K.D. Lang came out as a lesbian only after first coming out as vegetarian. (Bold beginnings). Mathews, Dan 258
Lance Loud January 1973: the PBS documentary series An American Family introduces viewers to their first unashamed gay person. Filmmakers Alan and Susan Raymond recall television's first queer youth. (Rebels & Pioneers). Raymond, Susan 344
Leonard Matlovich September 1975: appearing on the cover of Time, the Vietnam vet uses his life to counter stereotypes about gays in the military. (Telling our stories). Kronenberg, Gali 267
Longtime Companion May 1990: Craig Lucas recalls the long road to getting Longtime Companion to its theatrical debut. (Justifying our love). Lucas, Craig 467
Making Love February 1982: writer Barry Sandler recounts the crafting of a gay love story that somehow got made by a Hollywood studio. (Justifying our love). Sandler, Barry 466
Malcolm Forbes outed March 1990: a cover story in Outweek edited by Gabriel Rotello, launches the outing debate. (Changing perceptions). Rotello, Gabriel 219
Marriage in Hawaii May 1993: when Hawaii's supreme court rules in favor of marriage rights for same-sex couples, the debate quickly goes nationwide. (Changing perceptions). Barrett, Jon 255
Matthew Shepard October 1998: Matthew Shepard is beaten and left for dead, tied to a wyoming fence. His mother, Judy Shepard, talks about her family's journey since then. (Gods & Monsters). Shepard, Judy 270
Maurice October 1971: David Leavitt measures the impact of E.M. Forster's passionate novel of gay love, published after his death. (Justifying our love). Leavitt, David 373
Melissa Etheridge January 1993: no orchestrated coming-out for this rocker. She just says, "yes I am". (Rebels & Pioneers). Stockwell, Anne 342
Michigan Womyn's Music Festival August 1976: the first Michigan festival changed a lot of lives, but it wasn't all tofu and tambourines for Alison Bechdel. (Safety in numbers). Bechdel, Alison 340
Milk and Moscone November 1978: San Franciscan Dave Ford recalls the assassination of the city's mayor and first openly gay supervisor. (Gods & Monsters). Ford, Dave 257
New Havana? (reader forum). Montague, Ann 208
Out and in harm's way: the stabbing of Paris's gay mayor has some people asking whether openly gay politicians are at more risk for attack. (Politics). 356
Pedro Zamora June 1994: MTV's The Real World introduces Pedro Zamora, a young gay man with aids and a boyfriend. (Justifying our love). Steele, Bruce C. 221
Personal Best February 1982: Mariel Hemingway looks back on her iconic role as a young track star in love with a female teammate in this athletic coming-of-age tale. (Justifying our love). Vaillancourt, Daniel 368
Pink Flamingos November 1972: John Water's trailer-trash masterpiece flabbergasts an unsuspecting nation and launches the career of Indie darlings divine and Mink Stole. (Bold beginnings). Stole, Mink 362
Protease inhibitors November 1996: Jon Barrett describes the impact of a New York Times story heralding the drugs. (Bold beginnings). Barrett, Jon 296
Protein power. (HIV). Adams, Bob 146
Rants & raves. 241
Reader comments from (The Advocate Poll) . (reader forum). 147
Reevaluating reinfection. (last word). Sullivan, Andrew 697
Robbie's British invasion. (the Buzz). 183
Rock Hudson July 1985: Liz Smith on her friend rock, who by acknowledging his illness put a face on the aids crisis for his fans all over the world. (Changing perceptions). Smith, Liz 913
Studio 54. (Safety in numbers). 105
The 1987 march on Washington October 1987: the largest gay gathering to date brings unprecedented visibility--and gives Mel White his first chance to be out. (Safety in numbers). White, Mel 328
The Advocate 35: the anniversary issue. 193
The Advocate at 10 November 2, 1977. (From the Advocate Archives). Romesburg, Don 187
The AIDS Memorial Quilt October 1987: Quilt creator Cleve Jones recounts the inspiration for the most eloquent memorial to lives lost to AIDS. (Telling our stories). Jones, Cleve 372
The APA decision December 1973: declassification of homosexuality as an illness, Charles Kaiser argues, was the gay movement's most revolutionary moment. (Bold beginnings). Kaiser, Charles 423
The Boy Scouts June 2000: the U.S. Supreme Court rules against James Dale in his suit seeking to overturn The Boy Scout's antigay policy. (Gods & Monsters). Dale, James 334
The Boys in the Band April 1968: playwright-performer David Drake revisits Mart Crowley's acid drama, the first play to smash the closet right onstage. (Bold beginnings). Drake, David 228
The Gay Liberation Front July 1969: sparked by Stonewall, a new activist group blazes a path for all who will follow. (Bold beginnings). 140
The Metropolitan Community Church October 1968: Steve Gunderson recalls the founding of the first Chirstian church ministering specifically to gays. (Safety in numbers). Gunderson, Steve 300
The New York Times December 1990: Michelangelo Signorile reports how an editor's seizure marks a turning point for the newspaper of record. (Changing perceptions). Signorile, Michelangelo 325
This week on (On the Web). 145
Tongues Untied and Paris Is Burning August 1991: film historian and producer Jenni Olson remembers two landmark documentaries on the black gay experience. (Telling our stories). Olson, Jenni 143
Torch Song Trilogy June 1982: the first Tony-winning smash to focus on gay lives, warts and all, opens the door for future gay projects and for out playwrights such as Charles Busch. (Telling our stories). Busch, Charles 373
Transitions. 102
Victory against harassment. (Court). Quittner, Jeremy 193

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