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The Advent of the King.

The Advent of the King

Fletcher King


1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403

1425914934 $29.95

Set in A.D. 882 in the medieval kingdom of Speyron, The Advent of the King is a dark novel about a curse of infertility that has descended upon the land, and the rumbling threat of invasion and war from the neighboring kingdom. Remorseless threats and pressures place Speyron's bachelor king in a crucible; his advisors suggest a female serf from an obscure village just might possess the answer to the dual threats to his nation from without and within. Author Fletcher King strives to be as true to medieval history and culture as possible, particularly with regard to what is known of the Catholic church during the era. Graphic depictions of violence and sex are present in dark saga; The Advent of the King is not for squeamish readers, yet its vivid detail paints an unforgettable picture of the grueling difficulties of struggling to survive in medieval times.
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Date:Dec 1, 2006
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