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The Adultery Files: Case No4: Ritu Singh, 27. Had Affair With Her Fiance's Best Friend But Now She Says `Never Again'.

ITU Singh played away from home - with her fiance's best friend. At the same time she was busy consoling her lover's girlfriend, who suspected that her man was having an affair.

For six months, Ritu lived a secret life - telling lies to everyone close to her - until her fiance John was tipped off and angrily ended it.

She had got engaged to teenage sweetheart John when she was just 19 - and the engagement lasted even when she moved to Canada for a year.

But back in England, Ritu fell for John's best pal Lee.

`It was fine without my engagement ring'

Ritu, now 27, a music business press officer in Guildford, Surrey, said: "After Canada John and I moved in together and lived in a small town in Wales but our lives started to go in different ways.

"I was at college and started getting very independent. Then Lee came on the scene.

"Suddenly we were confiding in one another and quickly became lovers.

"He was very gentle with me and at the time I thought we were having the best sex ever. I loved the thrill of doing something secretive."

To make herself feel less guilty, Ritu would slip her engagement ring off and leave it at the side of the bed while they made love.

She says: "It makes me feel awful when I think about it but as long as I couldn't see the ring, it was fine. I used to just slip it back on when I left.

"While I lived with John, Lee wasn't living with his girlfriend - which made it much easier for us to tumble into bed at his flat."

The couple could not resist stripping off for steamy sex sessions - no matter where they were.

Ritu remembers: "We were at a college dance once - but suddenly we left the main dance floor and were out in the hedges ripping our clothes off and having sex.

"It felt really naughty because it was forbidden - and because everybody else was too drunk to notice we just got on with it."

The whole thing blew up after six months of Ritu juggling two men.

"One night I was at home and John rang me from the pub," says Ritu. "He started screaming - I realised a third party had tipped him off. He felt like he'd been made to look completely foolish.

"If I'm honest our relationship wasn't going anywhere when my affair began. Our sex life had dwindled.

"I made a commitment at 19 but didn't realise what I was getting into. I live with someone now and wouldn't consider ever cheating again. It hurts too may people."

Ritu confesses she still feels really guilty about Lee's girlfriend Daisy. "She would confide in me that she feared he was being unfaithful," she says.

"I laughed it off and told her not to worry.

"Now I realise what a cow I was. It's only after the event that I can see that as well as hurting a lot of other people you end up hurting yourself if you cheat."

DR PERSAUD SAYS: Adultery frequently happens because one partner realises too late that they have made the wrong choice. This often happens when a commitment is made by a person who is too young.

It is interesting that the affair occurred after a very young person had travelled abroad. Foreign travel often helps build the confidence in a young person to be more socially active with the opposite sex.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Nov 1, 1998
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