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The Adaptive Web [special issue].

P. Brusilovsky and M. Maybury, eds. 2002. Communications of the ACM 45, no. 5:30-67.

"This special section was inspired by the First International Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-based Systems held in Italy in August 2000.... In the first article, Billsus [Brunk, Evans, Gladish, and Pazzani] ... discuss the prospects of using adaptive systems for accessing various kinds of Web information resources from mobile handheld wireless devices, which are expected to become the computing platform of the future. Next. Andre and Rist show how animated agents can be used to create the next generation of adaptive presentation in hypermedia, from personalized information assistants to 'inhabited places' hosting a team of animated agents. Authors Light and Maybury explain the transition from present-day text search engines to personalized query-based multimedia search and personalized question answering, and then Kobsa provides a comprehensive review of the conflict between privacy legislation and the user modeling needs of adaptive systems. Collectively, the articles in this issue provide a good introduction to the area of adaptive Web systems, covering most major technologies and application areas."

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Title Annotation:Technology
Author:Sharpe, Victoria M.
Publication:Technical Communication
Date:Nov 1, 2003
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