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The Accumulator Quiz.

QUESTION 1 - for 1 point: Which of the following is a nickname for a sailor? A Erk B Tar C Tommy D Squaddie QUESTION 2 - for 2 points: Which of the following is a young eel? A Parr B Elver C Rock eel D Smelt QUESTION 3 - for 3 points: Who or what was Big Bertha? A A World War I German gun B A 19th century circus freak C A star of the Edwardian music hall D The first nuclear submarine QUESTION 4 - for 4 points: In 2013 the skeleton of which king was found under a Leicester car park? A Henry VI B Edward V C Richard III D James I QUESTION 5 - for 5 points: Which artist cut off one of his own ears during a fit of depression? A Van Gogh B El Greco C Toulouse-Lautrec D Cezanne QUESTION 6 - for 6 points: In which TV comedy series did Liz Smith play the part of Letitia Cropley? A The Vicar of Dibley B The Royle Family C Dinnerladies D The Kumars at No 42 QUESTION 7 - for 7 points: What is the Latin name for the class of creatures including shrimps, lobsters and crabs? A Molluscs B Gastropods C Cephalopods D Crustaceans QUESTION 8 - for 8 points: Who played Eliza Doolittle in the original film version of My Fair Lady? A Audrey Hepburn B Julie Andrews C Susan Hayward D Deborah Kerr QUESTION 9 - for 9 points: Which animal appears on the flag of Sri Lanka? A Elephant B Gazelle C Lion D Tiger QUESTION 10 - for 10 points: Which of these football clubs has not had Rafael Benitez as its manager? A Manchester City B Valencia C Napoli D Liverpool QUESTION 11 - for 11 points: In which city was the poet and playwright Oscar Wilde buried? A Dublin B Rome C Paris D Lisbon QUESTION 12 - for 12 points: What was the theme song of the bandleader Glenn Miller? A In the Mood B Little Brown Jug C Moonlight Serenade D String of Pearls QUESTION 13 - for 13 points: In which of these martial arts is the main weapon a bamboo pole which represents a sword? A Tae Kwon Do B Jujitsu C Kendo D Aikido QUESTION 14 - for 14 points: Who made the first long-distance telephone call (from New York to Chicago) in 1892? A Guglielmo Marconi B John D. Rockefeller C Theodore Roosevelt D Alexander Graham Bell QUESTION 15 - for 15 points: Which British prime minister once played first-class cricket? A Winston Churchill B James Callaghan C Alec Douglas-Home D Edward Heath


Actress Liz Smith. See Question 6

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jun 2, 2015
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