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The 9th International Conference Environmental Engineering.

On 22-23 May 2014, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) hosted a feast of scientific knowledge--the 9th International Conference Environmental Engineering. This beautiful tradition has been continued for already 20 years.

The Conference was opened by the Chairman prof. dr Donatas Cygas, a welcoming speech was given by the VGTU Vice-Rector for Research prof. habil. dr Antanas Cenys.

The first international conference Environmental Engineering was held in 1994. Until the year 2005 it was held every two years, and since 2005--every three years.

The 9th International Conference Environmental Engineering was devoted to the analysis of the most topical environmental, urban transport systems, road and railway as well as water engineering issues, to the spread of the key scientific researches, the presentation of the state-of-the-art geodesy and cadastre technologies, the analysis, assessment and optimization of researches on the energy supply and use systems. Environmental engineering, because of its versatility, complexity and applied nature, is one of the most complicated areas of general engineering comprising various fields of life and joining knowledge and experience of different sciences.

The main goals of the Conference are the following:

--to facilitate direct discussions and versatile cooperation between researchers from Lithuanian and foreign science and education institutions, engineers, representatives of industry and municipalities;

--to bring together potential partners for successful, long-term and continuous cooperation on environmental engineering;

--to discuss further directions of the applied research development and to implement state-of-the-art researches in practice.

Before the Conference 284 presentations were selected by the International Scientific Committee from the submitted 317. All the presentations were reviewed by Lithuanian and foreign scientists and published in the Conference CD.

The 9th International Conference Environmental Engineering was attended by the speakers from 20 countries: Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Belarus, Great Britain, Russia, Malaysia, Slovakia, Czechia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Finland, etc. The oral and poster presentations were delivered in six sections: road and railway, environmental protection, water engineering, energy for buildings, sustainable urban development, technologies of geodesy and cadastre.

At the Plenary Session the following presentations were made: S. Gulbinskas (Klaipeda University)--Environmental Aspects of the Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal; V. Lukosevicius (Lithuanian Energy Consultants Association)--Opportunities and Obstacles of Cogeneration in Lithuania; S. Skrinskas (Lithuanian Road Association under the Ministry of Transport and Communications)--Roads as a Part of Lithuanian Transport System. Challenges and Objectives; M. Pakalnis (Sweco Lietuva UAB)--Urban Development Challenges and Territorial Planning Law of Lithuania; S. Urbanas (Association of European National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authorities (Euro-Geographics) --European Location Framework (ELF)--the Solution for Utilizing Authoritative Geographical Information at European Market.

In the section of Roads and Railways more than 70 participants took part from 7 countries: Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Finland, Spain, Italy and USA.

The presentations dealt with the construction of road asphalt pavements, the production of hot asphalt mixtures, the use of geosynthetic materials in road pavement structures. Much attention was paid to solving the problems of road safety, road design, roadside zone pollution, road maintenance, mitigation of traffic-generated noise. The results of railway, bridge and intersection researches were presented. Also, the presentations were made on the methods of determining subgrade strength and the equipment used, selection of soft asphalt pavements, noise reducing asphalt mixtures.

An active participation of the scientists of various countries, a demanding work of the Conference Scientific Committee, a strict selection and review of presentations showed a high scientific level of the Conference. The Conference participants not only complemented their fund of knowledge but also strengthened international cooperation.

It would be difficult to organize the 9th International Conference Environmental Engineering without a large support from 22 conference sponsors, of which: Lithuanian Roads Association, Eurovia Lietuva AB, Kelprojektas UAB, Gatviu statyba UAB, Fegda UAB, Dolomitas AB, and others.

Caption: During the plenary session

Caption: Work at Road section

Prof. Dr Donatas Cygas

Chairman of the Conference

Assoc Prof. Dr Rasa Vaiskunaite

Chairman of the Organizing Committee


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Author:Cygas, Donatas; Vaiskunaite, Rasa
Publication:The Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge Engineering
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Date:Sep 1, 2014
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