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The 80s are combing back; NORTHERN FASHION.

Byline: with NIAMH McENEANEY

I THINK you to have been alive in the 80s 0 de d they were I THINK you need to have been alive in the 80s to really appreciate what a special decade they were. I was just a little one but I have so many vivid memories of this wonderful, innocent, social media-free time.

One that stands out is watching my aunts get ready for a night out every Saturday. I would sit on the couch watching them spend hours applying their make-up and doing their hair...while also watching a bit of Bully (Bullseye).

You always knew the beauty routine was coming to an end when you found yourself immersed in a cloud of hairspray and struggling not to choke in the fumes. But it had to be done...the 80s wouldn't be the 80s without big, BIG hair. Backcombing was the norm.

And can you believe it still is?! Big hair is big news for summer...but thankfully we have moved on and achieving the perfect height doesn't have to take up most of your Saturday, or damage the ozone layer.

And it's all thanks to Structure's GLAMTEX, which has been described as "backcomb in a bottle".

It is a new-generation texturising spray that delivers all the glam of a backcomb with little time or effort!

All you have to do is shake the can well before use and spray 15cm from dry hair. Spray at the roots to provide instant glamorous "backcombed" texture, height and volume.

Or you can use it as an overall spray to enhance texture and add grip to the hair so it's great for those (me) with fine hair who want the feel of more hair.

Oh and it smells pretty great too...which is good news for any little ones who are sitting nearby!

Structure's GLAMTEX is available from Bill Harris, Brian Burke, Jason Shankey, Paul Stafford and Michael Quinn and other leading hair salons across Northern Ireland. It costs PS14.95 for 50ml.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 26, 2016
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