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The 7th annual Microbrewers Conference.

The 7th Annual Microbrewers Conference

Microbrewers turned out in force in late August for the seventh annual Microbrewers Conference held in Denver, CO. The event, organized around the theme "Operating the successful small brewery," was sponsored by the Institute of Brewing Studies, a branch of the Association of Brewers. In addition to numerous technical sessions, several speakers addressed the issue of neoprohibitionism and its impact on brewers of every stripe. An address by Daniel Bradford of the Association of Brewers put microbrewers on notice that their "futures are at risk and livelihoods in danger." Bradford also presided at an evening roundtable discussion during which microbrewers discussed appropriate strategies for meeting the threat. The trade show accompanying the conference was attended by an impressive array of suppliers, including John I. Haas, Briess Malting, Krones, Inc., J.V. Northwest and the pub Brewing Co. The Institute of Brewing Studies also organized a memorable tour of six local breweries, ranging in size from Coors Golden plant down to the diminutive Odell ale brewery in Fort Collins. Welcome hospitality was provided by the brewpubs on the route; Coopersmith's Brewery and the Old Colorado Brewpub in Fort Collins and the Walnut Brewery in Boulder. Next year's Microbrewing Conference is slated to be held in Buffalo, NY.

PHOTO : Arnulfo Canales, then president of the Master Brewer's Association of the Americas, expressed his solidarity with the microbrewers in an address to the gathering.

PHOTO : Bert Grant, of the Yakima Brewing & Malting Co., Yakima, WA, received a tribute for his contributions to the microbrewing segment from Charlie Papazian, Director of the Institute for Brewing Studies.

PHOTO : Daniel Bradford of the Association of Brewers, warned microbrewers of encroaching neo-prohibitionism in the 1990s.

PHOTO : Fred Scheer, noted brewmaster of the Frankenmuth Brewing Co., Frankenmuth, delivered aim formative technical paper on the perils of bottling.

PHOTO : Gary Nateman of the Beer Institute offered a view of the Hill in his update on current legal issues.

PHOTO : John Foley of the Connecticut Brewing Co., inspired by the activism evident among the microbrewers, delivered a reflective address on small brewer's possible responses to neo-prohibitionism, and followed with a discussion of strategic planning for contract brewers.

PHOTO : An exuberant presentation on public relations for small brewers was delivered by David Heidrich of the Oldenberg Brewery, Ft. Mitchell, KY.

PHOTO : Victor Ecimovich of the Goose Island Brewing Co., Chicago, IL, delivered a much-acclaimed paper on quality control for microbrewers, titled "Making the most of a limited lab."

PHOTO : Al Geitner of the pub Brewing Co. welcomes a microbrewer to his booth at the conference trade show.

PHOTO : Dan Carey of J.V. Northwest manned his booth at the trade show, and later delivered an address from the podium on Microbrewery Design and Performance.

PHOTO : A cornucopia of microbrewed products were provided for the assembled brewers at lunch-time beer buffets.

PHOTO : Charlie Papazian (pensive figure in background) oversaw a seminar on recognizing off-flavors and off-aromas in beer. Microbrewers were provided with samples of tainted product for analysis.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 19, 1990
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