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The 6 Ed tech trends to watch in K-12.

Cloud computing and mobile technology are two of the top technologies to watch in education, according to this year's K-12 Horizon Report, an annual publication from the New Media Consortium that highlights developing trends in ed tech. And this year, the report suggests, they could go mainstream.

NMC released the findings in advance of the report's official publication, slated for June, in a webinar hosted in part by CEO Larry Johnson.

For the report, more than 40 education experts from around the globe weighed in on dozens of the biggest technology-related trends and topics on a dedicated wiki space, and chose the six most important to showcase:

* Cloud computing and mobile technology (one year to adoption);

* Open content and learning analytics (two to three years to adoption); and

* 3D printing and virtual and remote science labs (four to five years to adoption).

The list is something of a departure from last year, when cloud computing was not even featured, having been assumed to be significantly mainstream (defined as having a presence in at least 20 percent of classrooms).

This year, familiar topics like game-based learning and augmented reality also didn't make the cut, dropped in favor of trends like open content and learning analytics, which were not featured in last year's report.

"While the list has changed in 2013," Johnson clarified during the webinar, "it doesn't mean that game-based learning is not important anymore, it's just not as much in the foreground as open content and learning analytics. If you look at what people are looking at in the next year ... it is all about making learning more personal. It's about putting the learning where people are."


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Publication:T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)
Date:Jun 1, 2013
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