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The 28 Day Cleansing Program.

The 28 Day Cleansing Program

Scott Ohlgren & Joann Tomasulo

Genetic Press

7440 North 49th Street, Longmont, CO 80503

0972148345 $28.00 1-303-530-2332

Part recipe collection, part nutrition and dietary planning guide, The 28 Day Cleansing Program: The Proven Recipe System For Skin And Digestive Repair is a spiral-bound guide to planning eating habits designed to help purge oneself of internal toxins and related ills. Over 12,000 people have completed the authors' highly affordable cleansing program, which does not involve any form of starvation. Though the authors are not doctors, they have recognized dead-on something that far too much of the medical, health care, and pharmaceutical industry all too readily ignores--that there is an overwhelming connection between what we eat and the harmful symptoms we suffer, from acne to irritable bowel syndrome to arthritis, high cholesterol and much more. The 28 Day Cleansing Program denounces modern over-reliance on processed foods and presents healthy, tasty alternative recipes that anyone can easily learn to make. Additional food preparation tips, such as soaking beans at length in water to make them more digestible, round out this "must-have" guide to anyone seeking to make substantial dietary improvements to both look and feel better.
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Title Annotation:The 28 Day Cleansing Program: The Proven Recipe System For Skin And Digestive Repair
Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 1, 2006
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