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The 2018 Maurice Holland Award.

Named after IRI's founder, the Holland Award is presented each year to the authors of the paper published in the previous year's volume o/Research-Technology Management that best exemplifies the journal's values of significance to the field of R&D and innovation management, originality of new management concepts, and excellence in presentation.

The 2018 Maurice Holland Award is presented to Andrew Harrison for "Design for Service: The Advanced Services Transformation Roadmap at Rolls-Royce. "

The Industrial Research Institute (IRI) announced the winner of its prestigious Holland Award at its Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 5, 2018. The award went to Andrew Harrison, Engineering Associate Fellow at Rolls-Royce.

The winning article, "Design for Service: The Advanced Services Transformation Roadmap at Rolls-Royce," was published in the July/August 2017 edition of RTM. The article describes one tool the pioneering company uses in designing aircraft engines that will be sold under services contracts--the Advanced Services Transformation Roadmap. The roadmap ensures that the services Rolls-Royce incorporates with its engines are considered at every stage of the design process, from first conception to final testing.

In accepting the Holland Award, Harrison joins many accomplished recipients, including John Seely Brown, who received the award for his 1998 paper "Seeing Differently: A Role for Pioneering Research"; Robert Cooper, who won for his 1990 article "New Products: What Distinguishes the Winners?"; and William Banholzer, for his 2010 paper "Creating Value in Turbulent Times."

"We are thrilled to recognize Andrew Harrison with the Holland Award," said Ed Bernstein, IRI president. "Harrison's leadership in the development, introduction, and improvement of Design for Service capabilities across Rolls-Royce is illustrative of his tremendous contributions to R&D and innovation management."

The Maurice Holland Award, which is named in honor of IRI's founder, recognizes the best papers published in RTM in the previous volume year. The award, which was traditionally given at the IRI Member Summit but will now be awarded at the Annual Conference, is a crystal replica of a World War I "Jenny," symbolizing the spirit and dynamism of Maurice Holland, who flew a Jenny during the war.

Caption: Andrew Harrison, Engineering Associate Fellow at Rolls-Royce, accepts the 2018 Maurice Holland Award at IRI's 2018 Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, June 5, 2018.

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Date:Nov 1, 2018
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